Turkey 1967 Reel 45 of 52

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Film Description Reel 45 of 52
Unedited travelogue


Reel 45 of 52
Unedited travelogue

Cat. Reel 33 1967: Reel 45: Turkey. June 19-20. Efes.[Ephesus] Miletus. Priene. Didyma [Didim].

Cover and entrance to well or cistern in ship: Note carving for flange of cover.
Marks in stones indicating that Christains have passed: 8-section circle.
Chariot wheel tracks at gate.
Four relief carvings: Roman soldiers: spear and shield, long
shield, shield and short sword, shield and sword.
Sign of a brothel, scratched on stone.
Holes in marble: iron and lead clamps removed when people had
to move.
Heating system: bedroom of brothel: stone or clay vents
Library of Celsus (135 A.D.): steps, ruins.
Carved face.
Tomb of Celsus.
Alcove in an entrance to agora.
Row of pillars facing row of shops: the real agora(*see K's notes) .
The outside of Agora columns and a few from another row: market area,
Agora at right angle to last view: agora columns are stubs, many
market columns are intact.
Market columns.
Inscription carved on wall: "Caesar..."
Agora: pan from level of Temple of Serapis.
Stone carving: unfinished, with holes to ease carving (some bad
Serapis Temple:
Swinging doors: stone pivot bases.
Worn groove of door wheels.
Broken column.
Miletus (distant shot).
Miletus theatre: entrances, seats.
Carving: two wild boars.
Carving: Boar hunter with spear.
Entrance to stage, orchestra, etc.
Carving: Hunting scenes on stage level: Dog, speared goat, boar
shield, short sword.
Stage: supported by three rows of pillars.
Stage: front.
Orchestra wall.
Two pillars indicate position for Governor or honored person.
Aisle into stands: note stone lion supporting seat, recess for
legs and feet.
Entrance corridor: high arched ceiling, steps to first floor theatre.
First floor seats: from corridor. Note promenade.
Corridor under first floor seats.
Looking downstage from 2nd floor level: some of the areas listed
above (good pan of theatre.)
Second floor corridor under seats. Third floor.
Seats; sitting area, foot area.
Cells for prisoners (An example to the public).
Olive tree roots reinforced by wall (north of Soke).
Ruins on hill: (Priene).
Ridges cut in rock on road to Priene ruins.
Steps to ruins: drain in middle.
Theater on hillside: stage area.
Seats: lower section at orchestra level: note five stone chairs for
honored guests.
Seats: looking up the aisle.
"Honor" chair: note lion feet, footstool, (cu).
Byzantine church: General view of ruins.
Two carved crosses.
Columns of Athena Temple viewed from Byzantine church.
Athena Temple:
Columns, column sections (pan shot).
Column with four pivot holes: note circular line.
Five standing columns with capitals.
Metal clamps between stone floor slabs.
Carved stone.
Carved stone, section of fluted column.
Stone water container, drainage hole.
Priene ruins (pan, starting from five columns.)
Large council chamber or Odeon.
Drainage system: stone "ditch."
Aqueduct in partial use.
En-route to Didyma :
Straw sheep shelter on plain of Menderes Delta.
Temporary homes of farm laborers.
Camels resting.
Two small ovens with protecting tile-roof shed.
Oven made of clay.
Rope marks on cistern entrance.
Temple of Apollo (Didyma) (pan shot).
Video Category Travelogue
Film Creator Watson Kintner
Topics Efes, Ephesus, Miletus, Priene, Didyma, Didim, Greek antiquities

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