Turkey 1967 Reel 41 of 52


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Film Id:F16-0332
Film Description:Reel 41 of 52
Unedited travelogue
Lake Egridir


Cat. Reel 332. 1967: Reel 41: Turkey. June 12-13. Akşehir. Burdur. Isparta.
Lake Eğirdir. Antalya.

Stone fence with tree branch as gate.
Mountainside Village: low stone or brick houses.
Isolated home.
Three decorated domes of Imaret Mosque. Beautiful example of Ottoman arch (Akşehir)
Stone minaret.
Three homes in mountains (distant).
Homes. (distant shot).
Stone hut, straw or brush roof (Lake Eğirdir in distance).
Carpet market (Isparta): note carpets with Arabic calligraphy- probably prayer rugs.
Large carpet: 140 lira/square meter (pan shot, cu ).
Carpet: 145 lira/square meter (cu).
Carpet weaving in two homes: note "string" method of raising
warp on vertical loom (good cu)
Outdoor museum (Burdur):
A stone: probably part of a mill.
Carved stone vase or fountain.
Roman clay pot: edge of clay blackened.
Design of a carpet.
Market place (Burdur): food for sale.
Four styles of stone or mud brick house (en-route to Antalya).
Hadrian Gate (Antalya) (130 A.D.): White parts are restored (partly underexposed.)
Chariot wheel grooves.
Stone and wood-carved house near Hadrian Gate: plastered lathe.
General Market (Antalya).
Yivli Minare (Fluted Minaret) Mosque; "scalloped" roof domes.
Brick and stone minaret (100 mm, pan to top).
Archaeological Museum (Antalya):
Headless marble statue: note figures on slate.
Headless, clocked marble statue.
Tomb: carved marble tableau on side.
Marble carving of woman.
Elaborately carved door.
Carving of two masks.
Carving: woman between two capitals.
Tomb with broken cover.
Marble carving: man and women, design.
Two flat designs: Coat of arms, winged lions.
Stone catapult balls.
Tomb: carved, top.
Carvings on two tombs.
Tomb: elaborate carvings.
Two tombs: both elaborately carved.
Mosaic: soldiers or hunters with bow, arrow, quiver. Man with spear.
Decorated carving of two men.
Small clay pot.
Large clay pot: broken and reassembled.
Clay pot: two long handles.
Clay pot: encrustations.
Carved tomb lid.
Large clay pot: broken and reassembled.
Harbor scenes (Antalya): Loaded barges with cotton
Video Category:Travelogue
Film Creator:Watson Kintner
Topics:Akşehir, Burdur, Isparta, Lake Eğirdir, Antalya, Mosques, Museums
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