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Turkey 1967 Reel 35 of 52


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Film Id:F16-0326
Film Description:Reel 35 of 52
Unedited travelogue


Cat. Reel 326. 1967: Reel 35: Turkey. June 4-5. Kırşehir.

Flat clay roofs of stone houses: smoking chimney (en-route
to Kırşehir).
Women working on wool on roof.
Seljuk tomb; wall,rain-spout.
Pointed tower.
Entrance to tomb: arch, carving, Arabic script, (mcu).
Carvings in a yard.
Tower: a "tolesti", conical top.
Steps on tomb (mcu).
Steps. Carved tomb entrance (pan shot).
Tower with tile roof.
Igneous stone in automatic lathe.
Stone work: 12 vases, bowls, etc.
Roman bridge (Kesik Kop).
Military barracks: note arches, one carved.
House construction: roof tower of mud, sod and brush roof.
Homes carved into cliffs.
San Juan, church carved from cliff face: colored painting on facade
Church facade (distant view).
Old rock-carved buildings (pan shot).
Carved-out room with dome. Carved Arabic script (underexposed)
Village of homes carved in stone (distant).
Doorways in stone.
Mosque: exterior.
Dwellings carved in hill (Ürgüp) (distant, closer, pan).
Rock-carved warehouse: cold storage for lemons (probably modern).
Homes carved from volcanic cone (pan).
Cone dominating a town.
Cones in valleys.
Paintings of Christ in the Church of the Apple.
Video Category:Travelogue
Film Creator:Watson Kintner
Topics:Kırşehir, Mosques, Ürgüp
Tags: Kırşehir | Mosques | Ürgüp
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