Niger 1967 Reel 4 of 52


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Film Description:Reel 4 of 52
Unedited travelogue


Reel 4 of 52
Unedited travelogue

Cat. Reel 295 1967: Reel 4 Niger. Feb. 9-11. Magaria. Madaoua. Bouza. Lobat. Tahoua.

Making millet hotcakes: batter cooked in pit in clay mound,
Greasing "grill" using reeds.
Cotton stored in a brush fence compound.
Fireplace with reed windbreak.
Peuls, Bororo tribesmen at a well: drawing water (8 pulls equals
30 feet), filling jugs, watering stock.
Village (en-route to Tahoua): huts, brush wall.
Huge clay granary.
Hut: bottom clay, top reed, unusual reed "stack" on roof (mcu).:.,..
Weaving reed band: by hand, no loom (mcu).
Bed poles, reed mat for bed (cu).
Girl with baby.
Village of domed huts on plain (beautiful pan shot).
Well: people holding cans and jars (at Bouza).
Gourds, skin water bags, donkey with wicker saddle baskets.
Cotton mound (distant).
White robed "chiefs" on horses.
People passing on a hill: bundles on heads, water vessels, ruins
in background.
Village of Lobat:
Reed hut: bottom part clay. Dilapidated hut.
Red clay fence enclosure, clay building, bowls.
Tuareg and Hausa people: white and black robes and headgear.
Blue Tuareg "hotel" (Tahoua, 225 miles ENE of Niamey): large brick bldg.
Among Tuareg and Peul Nomads:
Donkey carrying bale of straw (mcu).
Village scenes (near Tahoua): robed people.
Well. Market. Wall. Large woven straw cylinders.
Plains (pan).
Africans: note headgear.
Reed lean-to.
Semi-nomads: camels, camel gear, skin bags (cu).
Playing home made finger harp (good cu).
Peul's water hole (*see K's notes on gauging depth by number of "pulls")
Well: grooves worn in logs by pull-ropes.
Peul Nomads:
Frame shelter with stick roof in yard.
Stock pen: Apparently bent live saplings .
Village. Cattle (pan).
Water hole: men drawing water.
Young girl with small skin water bag (mcu).
Camel hobble (cu).
Small Peul food market.
Small hotcakes. Gourd dishes, utensils.
Small shelter with bed.
Rubber water bag (xcu).
Brush end reed windbreak.
Sieve (cu).
Video Category:Travelogue
Film Creator:Watson Kintner
Topics:Magaria, Madaoua, Bouza, Lobat, Tahoua, Peul people, Hausa people, Tuareg people
Tags: Bouza | Hausa people | Lobat | Madaoua | Magaria | Peul people | Tahoua | Tuareg people
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