Tunisia 1967 Reel 18 of 52


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Film Description:Reel 18 of 52
Unedited travelogue
Bir Ali


Reel 18 of 52
Unedited travelogue
Bir Ali

Cat. Reel 309 1967: Reel 18: Tunisia. March 22-23. Sfax. Agareb. Bir Ali. Skhira. Mahares.

Mosque of Side Behassen: stone carved front (inside walls of Sfax).
Mirab: Arabic script.
Stone carvings.
Red sphere in wall.
Narrow street inside walls.
Tile, stone carvings in courtyard of home.
Host and baby.
Meat drying in courtyard.
Tile on arch.
Decorated dome.
Timber-supported balcony.
Hard candy for sale.
City gate.
Lumber-supported balcony.
Narrow street (*see K's notes).
Stone steps built into wall.
Very narrow street.
Tile, grille work, on a home (cu).
Well pail, pulley, iron grille work.
Mosaics: nine views, one with horse, bridle, spear (at Sfax museum)(cu).
Six Punic olive oil lamps (Sfax museum).
Lamp. Large metal chandelier.
Mosaic or painted dome.
At the docks (Agareb):
Fishing boats.
Plowing in olive grove: camel, wooden plow.
Woman carrying water jugs.
Sheepskins drying on fence.
Olive trees(distant shot).
Planting a cactus fence.
En-route to Bir Ali:
Woman, donkey, water jugs.
Mud brick sod roof house.
Elderly woman with earrings (cu).
Fireplace, twigs, for cooking.
Items in a yard: mortar, wooden pestle.
Women at home: note gourd (cu).
Rubber water bag.
A mound home.
Entrance to home: brush pile to protect house from wind.
Two shelters.
Two girls at old Roman wall.
Mud brick and brush houses.
Well: oil drum for water can be pulled to and from well by harness
Charcoal fire, stone or tin fireplace.
Thatch roofed hut under construction (Bedouin hut).
Dome of hut: limb construction.
Working on a house.
Girl wearing earrings (cu),
Woman spinning: simple spindle. Black tent. Brush wind break
(some overexposed).
Tent anchored by rope tied to tree (cu).
Thatched hut.
Method of anchoring tent.
Large Bedouin tent (overexposed).
Video Category:Travelogue
Film Creator:Watson Kintner
Topics:Sfax, Agareb, Bir Ali, Skhira, Mahares, Mosques
Tags: Agareb | Bir Ali | Mahares | Mosques | Sfax | Skhira
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