Chad 1967 Reel 10 of 52

Category: Travelogue

Length: 17:54
Film ID F16-0301
Film Description Reel 10 of 52
Unedited travelogue
Fort Lamy


Reel 10 of 52
Unedited travelogue
Fort Lamy

Cat, Reel 301. 1967: Reel 10: Chad. Feb. 26-27. Fort Lamy.

Small migration to cattle market: note long tent poles.
Cow loaded with goods, mats.
Loaded cows, donkeys.
Man with bow and arrow. Loaded cattle.
Cow collapsed on bridge.
Clay bottom of hut under construction.
Clay manger or trough.
Clay grain vessel.
Reed mat for top of hut.
Grass huts.
Wood and charcoal market by river:
Huts, fireplace, wood and charcoal for sale, woven huts under construction.
Fish cooking.
Thick reed mats: probably hut siding.
Wood for sale.
At nut-oil factory
Oil Mill: made from log of mocha tree, one of 10 in factory:
turning mechanism.
Ball and socket joint.
Engine block used as counterweight.
Pouring peanuts into mill (water added later): construction details.
Camel turning mill shaft: note ties to keep camel (and cow) on
circular path.
Mill operation. Tying tongue of mill to cow horns.
Ladling oil out of mill.
Pottery jars: some are "two mouthed".
Making portable clay fireplaces by hand: note girl's hairstyle.
Lost wax bronze casting method (all by hand):
Sifting clay: worker wears dust mask.
Wax-and-clay assemblies before firing. Finished bronze figurine (cu)
Hand operated bellows for heating wax-clay assemblies.
Wax-clay assemblies with "cups" for pouring in bronze, before firing.
Jugs (cu).
Covering wax figure with clay (cu).
Wax-clay assemblies with "cups" (cu).
Modeling wax over hot charcoal.
Applying clay shell to wax model (cu).
Cooling fired wax-clay-bronze assemblies (minus wax) in water.
Breaking clay mold from bronze figure: long legs and horns.
Four cup tray or lamp.
Tray or portable fireplace.
Video Category Travelogue
Film Creator Watson Kintner
Topics Fort Lamy, Lost wax bronze casting

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