Chad 1967 Reel 9 of 52

Category: Travelogue

Length: 17:57
Film ID F16-0300
Film Description Reel 9 of 52
Unedited travelogue
Fort Lamy


Reel 9 of 52
Unedited travelogue
Fort Lamy

Cat. Reel 300 1967: Reel 9: Chad. Feb. 24-25. Fort Lamy.
Market at Moseo (Fort Lamy):

Chadians. Wares on display.
Covered section of market.
Wire fire containers.
Flat, stick chicken coop.
Wood for sale. Wicker bag.
Mud building.
Reed mat section.
Metal workers under shelters.
Market scenes: grain, pottery for sale, merchants1 sun awning.
Sheep drive.
Chadian men in white. Market scenes.
Reed baskets at market.
Hotel la Tchadienne.
Fish traps. River scenes.
Museum at Fort Lamy:
Dugout boat with net.
Dugout: note thongs tying sections together.
Dugout: interior, note thongs.
Dugout: construction details (cu).
Shells sewn on a skin. (cu).
Hippopotamus skull (see K’s notes).
Hippo's molars (cu, xcu).
Eye sockets (cu).
Tooth (removable).
Grain grinding, stones.
Shell-covered basket.
Wooden drum.
Stringed instrument: skin chamber.
Five stringed instruments.
Gazelle trap (illegal).
Clay vessel with human head at top.
Pieces of money: probably iron
Video Category Travelogue
Film Creator Watson Kintner
Topics Moseo, Fort Lamy, Musée National Tchadien, Museums, Marketplaces
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