Niger 1967 Reel 6 of 52


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Film Id:F16-0297
Film Description:Reel 6 of 52
Unedited travelogue


Cat. Reel 297. 1967: Reel 6: Niger. Feb. 12-14. Ayorou. Gaovey.[?] Gamkale. Niamey.

Man in yellow cloak.
Tuaregs, one with long sword. Animal market: reed mat shelters.
Salt slabs.
Camel market (pan).
Tuareg in veil "trying out" a donkey.
Two black-cloaked Tuaregs.
Animal market: many Africans in traditional dress.
Donkey resting his head on a friend.
Camel: neck extended on ground.
Boy pulling donkey.
Grass bundles.
Cooking in cans over fire.
Boats on shore.
Clay storage vessels.
Giraffe (leaving Ayorou).
Gaovey [?] River market (at Niamey) (pan shot).
Grass piles brought in by boat.
Boats, people, washing clothes in river.
Canopied river boats, people (at Gamkale they sell at
Gaovey [?] but sleep in boats at Gamkale) (good cu).
River boat with mat cover (good mcu).
River boats (at Gamkale).
Shore scenes: pots, wooden mortars.
Boats and contents (cu),
Village and market in Niamey:
Three young girls.
People, animals, market buildings.
Camel saddle (cu).
Market scenes: grain sacks,
Cassava for sale.
People under shelter.
Peul person.
Rope grooves at a well.
Ayorou. Gaovey. Gamkale. Niamey.
Animal market: cattle herders on camels, Tuaregs: note footgear.
Tuareg with elaborate feathered hat (cu).
Straw bundles on carrying rack.
Home-made violin (good cu).
Mattress carried on head.
Tribal huts at museum (see Cat. Reel 29h):
Hausa tent: mud sidewalls, conical thatched top (mcu).
Hausa tent: interior construction: gourd, probably to
catch rain leak ( Songhai tent: separate rooms for men and women.
Fish nets, 2-section boat, trans, of Sorko tribe.
Fish net.
Video Category:Travelogue
Film Creator:Watson Kintner
Topics:Ayorou, Gaovey, Gamkale, Niamey, Tuareg people, Hausa people, Peul people, Songhai people
Tags: Ayorou | Gamkale | Gaovey | Hausa people | Niamey | Peul people | Songhai people | Tuareg people
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