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Niger 1967 Reel 3 of 52


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Reel 3 of 52
Unedited travelogue
Birni N'Gaouré

Cat. Reel 294. 1967: Reel 3: Niger. Feb. 8-9. Tera. Feneko. Niamey. Birni N'Gaouré. Magaria.

Leather bags of millet.
Panorama (of Tera).
Bundles of wood for sale.
Village. Net fishing (Tera).
Village: low walls are boundaries of properties (Feneko).
Pounding millet: wooden pestle.
Village huts.
Skin bellows for fire (underexposed).
Mending metal dish using tongs.
Baobab trees.
Nomads. Tents. Girls in braids (cu).
People selling at ferry landing.
Ferry approaching landing: motorized tugs, landing planks.
At Niamey market:
Metallic embroidery cloth.
Salt "posts," skins, for sale.
Used clothing for sale.
Pottery: note two-mouthed jugs (cu).
Foot treadle sewing machine operator. Shade skins for sale.
Gourd dishes.
Traditional medicine: bits of clay, metal, cloth, etc.
Coiled fish (possibly from Kollo).
Market scenes: crowds.
Worn chopping block.
Market scenes: crowds, woman with metallic dress or scarf.
Outdoor Museum showing tribal tents (Niamey):
Tent of Toubous of Belma: large awl to fasten sections (cu)
(*see K's notes on museum).
Tents of Toureg de L'Air: sections fastened with heavy cord:
skin top, center support.
Tente Wogo: hemispherical mat tent, sections fastened by reed
Tente Kourtei: hemispherical mat tent, vertical strips.
Peul Tent: reed tent, top half is conical.
Market (en-route to Birni N'Gaouré).
Animal section: camels.
Market: general view.
Earthen mounds for kebabs.
Camel saddles. Camel meat cooking (some cu).
Market at Birni N'Gaouré.
Tribal men.
Millet in bundles.
Land Rover: flat tire.
Village, granaries ( en-route to Madaoua).
Village of Magaria:
Granaries. Reed fences.
Boys grinding grain on flat stone. Note haircut.
Women with children.
Small earthen granary vessel.
Village, granaries: huts, reed fence, wattle granary
Mounting saddled horses.
Video Category:Travelogue
Film Creator:Watson Kintner
Tags: Birni N'Gaouré | Marketplaces | Museums | Niamey | Nomadic life | Nomadic people | Village life
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