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Film Description:Reel 1 of 52
Unedited travelogue


Cat. Reel 292 1967: Reel 1: Niger. Feb. 6-7. Niamey. Kollo.

Market (at Niamey): gourds, cooking oil, cereals, food in bowls,
many people.
Meat market: trimming meat.
Grain section: grain on blankets.
People with goods on heads in open aisle.
Spinning cotton: simple hand held spindle (cu).
Wooden mortars for sale (mcu).
Iron tools for sale: many blades (mcu).
View from minaret by market: roofs, yards, etc.
Chicken, pottery for sale.
Chickens in reed cages (cu).
Customer having head shaved with straight razor.
Stropping razor on hand.
Cow horns. Small metal tools.
Sugar cane for sale.
Red meat drying: covered with flies.
Cone shells for sale (mcu).
Birds for sale.
Divination and traditional medicine tools: bits of shell, cloth, bundles, etc. (mcu).
Skins for sale: possibly as "medicine."
Wooden swizzle sticks.
Reed mat section.
Salt in circular form.
Crockery section: very colorful.
Small roadside meat market (en-route to Kollo).
A well: people with buckets.
Huts: note construction.
Clay grain storage vessel.
Wooden mortars for millet.
Wooden mortar: note construction, handles.
Woven reed hut: good workmanship (cu). Brush fence to
keep animals out.
Many bird nests in tree.
Building brush fence between vertical sticks.
Huts (at Kollo, a Niger River fishing village).
Skewering fish in coil position prior to cooking.
Cleaning fish in basin.
Clay stove in yard.
Iron mesh plate over fire for roasting fish.
Clay stoves for cooking fish. Fuel sticks in stove.
Fireplace: small stone triangle.
Thatched shelters for animals (cu).
Dugouts on Niger marsh (one Mcu).
Fishing spear with bulbous end.
Fishing spear with detachable point (cu).
Woman carding wool (?) by hand: note red-colored fingernails.
Circular iron fireplace.
Coiled fish ready to cook on mesh.
Man using adze to prepare a plank (cu).
Flooded shore: reed fence, hut (pan shot).
Women pounding millet.
Boy with toy wagon: wheels on wire axle.
Nigerien women (mcu).
Nigerien children: note hairstyle (muc).
Video Category:Travelogue
Film Creator:Watson Kintner
Topics:Divination, Marketplaces, Niamey, Kollo
Tags: Divination | Kollo | Marketplaces | Niamey
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