Afghanistan 1965 Reel 35 of 40


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Film Description:Reel 35 of 40
Unedited travelogue
Salang Pass
Hazrat Iman


Reel 35 of 40
Unedited travelogue
Salang Pass
Hazrat Iman

Cat. Reel 286 1965: Reel 35: Afghanistan. June 12-14. Salang Pass. Doshi. Kunduz. Hazrat Iman.

Snow shed (Salang Pass). Tunnel entrance (ws).
Winding road to pass.
Tunnel exit. Bulldozer packing snow.
Camel caravan.
Local men in turbans (cu) .
Small village and trail (distant shot from above).
Rice paddies.
Farmer stands on wooden sledge pulled by bullock to prepare rice
paddy for planting.
Tea room interior: men at tables.
Metal worker hammering a dish (at Kunduz Bazaar).
Stove: 3 blackened holes in wall.
Metal worker working bowl with wooden hammer.
Metal shop: man, boy, wares.
Wooden "spoons" made from single piece of wood (cu).
Wooden piping.
Pottery section: street scenes.
Tea shop: heating cups over stone or mud oven.
Man with mustache (cu).
Blacksmith hammering scythe on anvil.
Strap-operated grindstone for scythes (cu).
Boy pumping skin bellows by hand.
Hot scythe, anvil.
Cloth merchant covered head to toe with his wares.
Meat market: hanging carcasses (pan-shot).
Radio repair shop: repairman in turban.

Outdoor soft drink stand: snow for ice.
Cloth made of flat metal "threads" (cu).
Pan balance scale at grain market.
Putting meat on "kebab" and "Hebab" skewers.
Charcoal fire in stone trough, for "Kebab."
Street of tents.
Metal vessels inside of metal ware shop.
Turbaned man with pen, ink, books: possibly a letter writer.
Camels with bags of grass.
Tea shop selling ice cream. Patrons.
Chickens held by young boy.
Blacksmith's bellows: hand operated wooden wheel device.
Mosaic decoration (on Shrine at Hazrat-e-Iman).
Shrine interior: details.
Goats, camels crossing road.
Yurts: village or camp of Uzbek Tribe (ws).
Yurt framework: lashed branches covered with reeds and mats
or skins. Dogs.
Uzbek man (cu).
Wooden mortar.
Wooden dishes.
Mended gourd pot with handle.
Yurt framework (cu).
Yurt sidewall: apparently woven reeds. Note felt.
Top poles of yurt.
Video Category:Travelogue
Film Creator:Watson Kintner
Topics:Salang Pass, Doshi, Kunduz, Hazrat Iman
Tags: Doshi | Hazrat-e-Iman | Kunduz | Salang Pass
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