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Japan 1965 Reel 11 of 40


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Film Id:F16-0262
Film Description:Reel 11 of 40
Unedited travelogue


Cat. Reel 262 1965: Reel 11: Japan. Kyoto. Nara. Byōdō-in. April 7-8.

Byōdō-in Temple:
Carved base for Buddha statue.
Carved statue: lotus leaves.
Buddha: note hands. Ornamental gilding.
Buddha: side view (underexposed).
Shoes left at shrine entrance.
Temple or shrine.
Bamboo fountain, stone trough, bamboo cup.
Tree support: bamboo framework.
Bronze bell: ornamental design (underexposed).
Bamboo donation box.
Street scenes. Vender.
City: blue roofs (distant shot).
Old man: face, robes (cu).
Potter making porcelain pot using curved tool (cu).
Smoothing dish for glazing (cu).
Applying glaze to bowl on rotating stand.
Decorating hexagon dish by hand (cu).
Decorating dishes with brush (cu).
Electric kiln (underexposed).
Sloping kiln (Koto Buki Pottery Co., Ltd.)
At NARA: Commerce and Industrial Hall:
3 masks: grotesques (underexposed)
Single-piece bamboo tea-strainer
Bamboo vases.
Water dipper.
2 bamboo fans.
Painted, wood-carved figures.
Famous wood carver: making initial cut. Cutting block with chisel
Video Category:Travelogue
Film Creator:Watson Kintner
Topics:Kyoto, Nara, Byodo-in, Pottery, Ceramics, Wood working, Buddhist temples
Tags: Buddhist temples | Byodo-in | Ceramics | Kyoto | Nara | Pottery | Wood working
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