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Iran 1963 Reel 3 of 25

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Film Id:F16-0229
Film Description:Reel 3 of 25
Unedited travelogue


Cat. Reel 229 1963: Reel 2: Iran. Apr. 2-5. Pahlavi. Hashtpar. Tehran. Qum.

Fish in boat (Pahlavi area).
Drying nets using boat.
open stern.
Bottom interior of boat.
Boat with nets, at anchor
Pulling in line.
Ladders over fences.
People on road.
Firing kiln
Thatched house.
Loading open-ended pottery kiln.
Kiln loaded. Kiln in use (firing time is one hour).
Making pottery by hand: coil "method, kick-wheel (cu).
Pottery containers half-buried, probably for food or water storage
Trough-like clay pieces.
Old palace of King Nader.
People on road.
Launching a boat.
Crew rowing: standing up.
Well with wooden drum (cu).
Shop (Pahlavi) .
Water diversion: split-log conduit.
Carrying wood.
Rice field.
Dangerous mountain road. Snow shed.
Lime kiln.
Vertical strata.
En-route to Qum and Isfahan:
Camels: note calf on top of mother.
Dome house.
Village scene.
Tent-living people. Tent: note wooden pins holding sections together (cu).
Domed village.
Gas fires from oil well gas leaks.
Brick building.
Golden dome (Qum).
Sacred city.
Video Category:Travelogue
Film Creator:Watson Kintner
Topics:Pahlavi, Hashtpar, Tehran, Qum, Hamadan, Mosques
Tags: Hamadan | Hashtpar | Mosques | Pahlavi | Qum | Tehran
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