Cambodia/Thailand 1957 Reel 25 of 44

Category: Travelogue

Length: 12:34
Film Description Cat. Reel 131 1957: Reel 27: Bangkok, Lopburi. Thailand. May 8-11
Plain outside of Bangkok on way to Lop Buri.
People on road; in market place.
Fishing in mud.
Temple, 800-1000 yrs. old.
Kiln?(brick structure).
Close-up of pearl-teak inlay work.
Gold statues.
Shrine cornices, decoration.
Old palace-compound: gate (200-300 years old).
Mr. Kintner with holy bells.
Cremation places - one ornate, one crude.
Water buffaloes on road.
Interior of shrine and monkeys.
Tree in bloom - red blossoms.
Plowing field with water buffalo.
Sticking metal disc on shaft with wax -(same as lathe)(cu).
King's barges on Chao Phraya. (some unsteady), (river at Bangkok).
Video Category Travelogue