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Bali 1955 Reel 3 of 24


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Film Id:F16-0083
Film Description:Reel 3 of 24
Unedited travelogue


Reel 3 of 24
Unedited travelogue

1955: Reel 3: Bali. June 23-25.

Courtroom; stone and lead carving, gilded chairs.
Courtroom wall decorations.
View of thatched courtroom.
Stone carving.
Terraced rice paddies.
Man in tower watching paddies at harvest, (time to scare away
birds) [ws]
A bamboo-supported bridge, [over-exposed]
Wood carving on temple, [cu]
Women in single file, baskets on head (going to cremation ? ).
Cremation bier and accessories.
Close-ups of people at cremation.
Pier and people.
Cremation march and ceremony.
Men placing wood for cremation, [telephoto shot]
Carrying bamboo biers to place of cremation.
Several scenes--people assembled with offerings.
Igniting wood for the fire.
Views of offerings.
Cremation fires.
Sawing logs by hand, [mws]
King's Gardens and buildings.
Salt making and thatched building.
Road scenes and market.
Wooden wagon wheels
Sticks in carrying rig.
Women chewing betel, [mws]
Drawing wire through die. [cu]
Ice sherbet. ( ? )
Chinese drug store.
Bamboo decorations.
Making a reed basket for hops.(note: top knot)
Basket of fruit, [over-exposed]
Little girl.
Pig for dinner.
People marching to shrine.
At shrine.
Man carrying stoves.
Market scenes—kebabs ( ? ).
Video Category:Travelogue
Film Creator:Watson Kintner
Topics:Bali, Balinese Hindu Temples, Cremation ceremony, Cremation, Funerals, , Street scenes
Tags: Bali | Balinese Hindu Temples | Cremation | Cremation ceremony | Funerals | Street scenes
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