Bali 1955 Reel 1 of 24


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Film Id:F16-0081
Film Description:Reel 1 of 24
Unedited travelogue


Reel 1 of 24
Unedited travelogue

1955: Reel 1: Bali. June 19-21.

Walking along canal--several scenes.
Grinding food or medicine with mortar and pestle. (cu)
Street scene --carrying poles.
Carrying-frames for carrying kitchen containers.
Outhouse over a canal. (MWS)
Hotel; streetcar.
Three-wheeled transportation.
Large portable kitchen; eating places.
Cutting grass; several street scenes.
Water from jug; note: plug (Bali). (cu)
Street scenes.
Grinding food; wrapped in banana leaves.
More restaurants.
Stone carved lion.
Woman digging sand from river bed.
Young girl grinding food. (cu)
Rice field work.
Temple and surroundings. (some good cu shots)
Rice field.
Jeweler's shop. (cu of detail work)
False faces (masks).
Jeweler's bellows and balance.
Road scene; temple.
A building framework.
Carrying many baskets on carrying poles. (ws)
Several wooden carvings (cu).
Rice terraces.
Three stone statues (fountains ?).
Geese on edge of terrace.
Babbling spring (note: movement of sand).
Ceremonial place.
Water from bamboo pipe. (mws)
Water from stature (in a row).
Skins drying on frames
Geese in line on side of road.
Rice field and harvesting.
Turtle. (cu)
Hindu Temple with elaborate stone carvings. (good detail--cu)
A log used as a "wheel".
Sawing (board) lumber.
Sacred monkeys, some with babies in back.
Colored temples with monuments.
Video Category:Travelogue
Film Creator:Watson Kintner
Topics:Bali, Balinese Hindu Temples, Masks, Street scenes
Tags: Bali | Balinese Hindu Temples | Masks | Street scenes
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