Pakistan 1953 Reel 5 of 10

Category: Travelogue

Length: 18:01
Film ID F16-0075
Film Description Reel 5 of 10
Unedited travelogue
en route to Rawalpindi


Reel 5 of 10
Unedited travelogue
en route to Rawalpindi

1953: Reel 5: Pakistan. En route to Rawalpindi.

White towers; open balustrade.
Nomads; grass huts in distance; ocean (?).
Rawalpindi: elaborate architecture, almost baroque.
Street scenes; buildings, pottery for sale.
Weaving: horizontal loom.
Circular wooden construction, resembles unfinished vat.
White towers and domes; palace compound (?).
Nomad[or post-Partition refugee] camp: skin and stick shelters, food cooking.
Winding thread or yarn (around foot) and very brief scenes of weaving a mat. Hand-held spindle.
Town scenes: food and pottery for sale, [making paan], cooking, [making puri], weighing, selling, etc.
Riverside from above; washing clothes.
Shaving a man's head.
Market; nutcracker held by foot and hand; boys in a circle pounding metal for a dish (?); skin bellows.
Loom in operation: note foot treadles.
Street scenes: palace (?) in distance; goods for sale, drying textiles [possibly saris].
Close-up of savory dishes and wind chimes.
Man wrapping turban after touching pool in courtyard.
Old Fort (outside of Rawalpindi). (Stone ruins)
People at a well; rope-pull, jugs on heads.
Palace or temple building.
Small roasted meats on grill (?)
Video Category Travelogue
Film Creator Watson Kintner
Topics Pakistan, Rawalpinidi, Weaving, Marketplaces

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