French Morocco 1951 Reel 1 of 10

Category: Travelogue

Length: 18:02
Film ID F16-0051
Film Description Reel 1 of 10
Unedited travelogue


1951: Reel 1: French Morocco. June 24-25. Marrakech

Wood and reed markets.
Red mud hut showing method of construction.
Moroccan woman riding side saddle on donkey with large baskets stacked in background, [wide shot. ]
Mosque tower showing some tile and stonework. [mws—unsteady]
Onion market —man sorting onions, [ws]
Several burlap stalls.
Veiled women on street, [cu shots of 7]
Mosque in distance, [ws]
Humble hut.
Blacksmith shop. [no action; could be any type shop]
Stork nest on roof corner.
People walking in street near one of city gates.
Tile walls.
Interior and exterior of mosque showing wall decorations, [dark]
Pottery market.
Garden and hotel.
Two views of city wall.
Shoemakers and tailors, [ws-5 different craftsmen /groups ]
Mosque wall decorations and stained glass window, [int.]
Interior wall decorations and stained glass window, [some dark]
Gate to mosque.
Narrow street.
Grain market with bartering, [lcu of burlap bag with grain]
Pottery market. [1 mws of display set-up; no people.]
Market scene.
Barber working.
Row of barbers in stalls. [1 mws of a barber working in stall]
Skeins of yarn.
Camels and donkeys. [ws--man riding donkey]
Buggy and old surrey.
Traffic outside city wall.
Man on donkey with bags of meat on side.
Women carrying loads on head.
Storage lake for irrigation and olive groves, [ws]
Wall decorations, [int.]
Olive grove.
Cart with peddler, [little boy following waves to camera ]
Horse-drawn coaches lined up for hire.
Barbers, [two different barbers — cu]
Row of burlap shade screens.
People in market square.
Video Category Travelogue
Film Creator Watson Kintner
Topics Marketplaces, Mosques, Barbers, Barbershops, Morocco
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