Ecuador 1949 Reel 9 of 10

Category: Travelogue

Length: 16:28
Film ID F16-0040
Film Description Reel 9 of 10
Unedited travelogue
Santo Domingo de los Colorados Indian Village (10 miles north of Santo Domingo)


1949: Reel 9: Ecuador: July 13-15. Quito. Santo Domingo de los Colorados,
Colorado (Tsáchila) Indian village 10 miles N. of Santo Domingo.

Hand-tools at market.
Ice cream.
Street scenes.
Two trucks passing on narrow road, en route to Santo Domingo..
Shoveling away landslide on road. (Arumba)
Delay for several hours causing lineup of trucks.
In Santo Domingo.
Pentagonal building on square. [1 perf. frame]
Raw beef.
Street and market.
People in public square.
Colorado Indian with red cape in center.
Two more Colorados touring the town. [mws shows clothing detail)
Hair plastered to give a stiff umbrella-like shape, protecting eyes.
Local man at market.
Juviro [?} Indian holding cane with women.
Loading horses for trip to jungle to visit Colorado village.
Carved wooden saddle.
Colorado with yellow cape coming out of jungle. [Colorado Indian]
Mr. Kintner on horseback.
Muddy jungle trail.
Thatched homes and rainbow sunset.
Supper at balsa wood table.
Colorado women and children, [note: tooth coloration]
Thatched roof shed used as chicken coop.
Shed for tools.
Boys smoking cigarettes.
Mr. Robinson was a good guide.
Women feeding pig.
Indian working on canoe.
Boy trying to sell me "rubbers".
Woman and boy shucking achioti seeds.
Video Category Travelogue
Film Creator Watson Kintner
Topics Ecuador, Quito, San Francisco de Quito, Santo Domingode los Colorados, Colorado people, Tsachila people

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