Guatemala 1947 Reel 1 of 7

Category: Travelogue

Length: 17:33
Film ID F16-0017
Film Description Reel 1 of 7
Unedited travelogue
Guatemala City


Man and donkey with milk cans.
Vultures in ravine outside of city.
Vultures in tree.
Homes in ravine.
Stones on galvanized roof.
Two wheeled covered oxcart.
Public laundry and clothes on sidewalk drying.
Oxcart carrying wood to market.
Pottery on rack framework on back of native.
Pottery vendor and youth on street, [walking away from camera]
Goats on sidewalk.
Street scene.
Street: people running, carrying load.
Girl taking five gallon can shower-bath into street.[2 mws]
Two women with babies on backs.
Street sweepers with 'angle' broom.
Fortunetelling stand, [cu]
Woman carrying vegetables or flowers on head.
Woman carrying baskets on head.
Woman with basket on head, baby on back, knitting with hands.
Another basket on her head.
Several scenes of carrying things on the head.
Various street scenes.
Views of Guatemala City and cloud formations.
Views of market place and bus depot. [almost all ws]
Bañas: public bath.
Two wheeled cartload of brown sugar in leaves.
Main market.
Bullfight area and parade, [incl. a bullfight]
Street scenes.
Church: several external views (some with w/4" lens).
View of city and surrounding mountain.
Volcanic truncated cone.
Street scenes.
"Una Via": one way.
Well-to-do homes and gardens.
Street scenes,[heavy traffic, modern blvd.]
Porcelain level.
Pink home.
Old Spanish aqueduct. [3 shots]
Outskirts of Guatemala City.
Government offices.
Video Category Travelogue
Film Creator Watson Kintner
Topics Guatemala, Guatemala City
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