Mexico 1939 Reel 6 of 6


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Film Id:F16-0016
Film Description:Reel 6 of 6
Unedited travelogue


Valley with mountains in background.
Donkeys. [ws]
Clothes drying on cactus.
Small pack-train.
Boy on bank with Aztec ruin in background.
Washing clothes along bank using stone as washboard. [1 ws, 2 mws]
Stone hut.
Carved stones on wall, base of Aztec ruin.
Masonry serpent.
Aztec designs on wall.
Carved skull.
Masonry figures.
Colored stone.
Donkey carrying skins.
Old Spanish conduit.
Indians wearing straw raincoats.
Indians going to church.
Old Spanish aqueducts.
Lake along railroad at Morelia.
Thatched huts. [ws].
Porter carrying luggage on head and by hand.
View from train.
Valley from train.
Boy with raincoat on road.
Street in Pátzcuaro.
Indians in dugouts with spoon-shaped paddles.
Stone wall along road and donkey.
Stone hut being built.
Hut with rocks on roof to keep thatch in place.
Stone village road.
Children on "porch".
Structure over underground conduit in street.
Mule-train and Indian with heavy load on back.
Mule with large crate of chickens.
Two Indians with pig on rope.
Traditional hut decorated with flowers and shrubbery.
Woman washing hair in back of stone hut.
Coke sign at Pátzcuaro.
Indians throwing out fishnets from dugouts.
Street and pig.
Street and boy. Note clothing.
Making fishnet.
Baby on rocky road.
Dugout on lake.
Women on shore washing clothes.
Women winding thread.
Nets drying.
Fish drying on board, [mws]
Dugout and large flat stone for grinding grain.
Four long strings for net.
Children on rocky street.
Local people.
Lizard on rock. [mws]
Women washing clothes on shore.
Views from boat on lake.
Stone statue on hill on island in lake.
Women with washboard.
Women carrying water.
Street, ice cream freezer on sidewalk.
Small boy eating sugarcane.
Picking wood from middle of street.
Children pulling homemade wagon with wooden wheels.
Cattle being driven home with dark clouds in background.[ws]
Unloading pottery.
Donkey carrying unpainted furniture.
Indians on way to market.
Street and market.
Video Category:Travelogue
Film Creator:Watson Kintner
Topics:Pátzcuaro, Aztec culture, Aztec ruins, Morelia
Tags: Aztec culture | Aztec ruins | Morelia | Pátzcuaro | Patzcuaro
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