Pergamon and its Maritime Satellite Elaia


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Film Description:Pergamon and its Maritime Satellite Elaia: New Research on Urban Space and the Territory of a Hellenistic Capital

February 2, 2012

Felix Pirson, Director of the German Archaeological Institute in Istanbul, and director of the Pergamon Excavations
The Pergamon-Excavation of the German Archaeological Institute (DAI) looks back to a history of more than 130 years reflecting various trends in archaeological research. Currently, the layout of the city as a whole, its relation with the suburban areas and with the territory are major points of interests. Such an approach needs to look far beyond Pergamon itself, but has to include neighbouring cities such as Elaia, which became the main anchorage of the Hellenistic capital. The aim of the paper is to present first results of the new research program and to show how modern field archaeology produces data for spatial approaches currently discussed in the humanities. In this context, a particular focus will be laid on the 2010-excavtions of so-called natural sanctuaries at Pergamon and on the tumuli (gravemounds) of Pergamon.

Additionally, the German Pergamon excavation has a long-lasting and outstanding record in conservation projects. The paper will give an impression of our work at the Temple of the Egyptian Gods (The Red Hall) and present the latest results.
Video Category:Lecture
Video Date:02/02/2012
Contributor: Felix Pirson

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