Year of Games, World Culture Day

Category: Performance & Event

Length: 01:51
Video Date 10/06/2011
Film Description Travel the World with Games, a World Culture Day afternoon, runs Saturday, November 6, from 1:00 to 4:00 pm the Penn Museum. Visitors of all ages are invited to learn and play a variety of games with game instructors on hand throughout the Museum's international galleries: Go (an ancient game of Japan), Backgammon (originating in Asia Minor), Chess (originally from Northwest India), Senet (from Egypt, perhaps the oldest game in the world), Mancala (originating in Eritrea or Ethiopia), the Royal Game of Ur (discovered at the site of Ur in ancient Iraq)-and more. The event is free with Museum admission donation.

The highlight of the afternoon is at 3:00 pm: the ultimate domino show, setup by the Super Domino Brothers Mike and Steve Perrucci of Perkasie, Pa. in the Museum's massive, echo-rich Chinese Rotunda. The brothers bring their own handmade dominoes--in this case, 10,000 domino pieces in twenty different colors. They'll spend about 15 hours in pre-show setup before the event. Dominos are arranged in a long line to create a chain reaction, or a domino effect. Placed precisely, only the first domino is toppled by hand-the others are part of a reaction, and can include special tricks, such as three-dimensional stackings, shapes, and letters, and even the use of Rube Goldberg-esque contraptions.

The Super Domino Brothers, who engage in domino shows for the sheer fun of it, are happy to be invited to the Penn Museum.
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