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Engage your curiosity and explore your connections to people across the globe and throughout time! The Penn Museum offers music and dance performances, film screenings, lectures by notable experts, and incredible behind-the-scenes opportunities to have fun and enhance your understanding of humans, past and present. As in-person events safely resume, you can enjoy a host of virtual and onsite programs.

A speaker giving a lecture in the Harrison Auditorium.

Great Lecture Series

World Heritage

What better way to experience the thrill of discovery than to hear from acclaimed Penn faculty and special guests during our signature lecture series? The annual Great Lectures offer opportunities to dig into the past in vivid detail.

Roman mosaic of a boat

The Deep Dig

Adult Classes

Sharpen your skills and knowledge with a course! Learn from special instructors who help you explore what it is to be human through art, science, or history.

Seeds of Change logo over a satellite photo of Earth.

Seeds of Change

As a living hub for ongoing dialogue, connection, and activism, the Penn Museum presents Seeds of Change, a new series of programs intended to spark curiosity, share facts, and inspire action around some of the most pressing issues of our time.

Ancient Alcohol After Hours graphic of a person in a toga, holding a beer bottle and sitting in front of a laptop.

Ancient Alcohol After Hours

Drinking together has been a tradition for thousands of years. Let us be your designated driver as you virtually explore how our ancestors partied like it was 5000 BCE!

Second Sunday Culture Films

Culture Films

The Penn Museum shows a wide range of culture films from October through March at 2pm on the second Sunday of the month.

a tour in the galleries

Specialty Tours

Sign up in advance for themed tours that showcase the Museum collection in a new light, from the origins of beer and wine to mythical monsters depicted in artifacts. Tour fees include regular Museum admission.

collection of artifacts

The Daily Dig

The Penn Museum is home to remarkable objects and their powerful stories. Every day at 1pm, dig into a short exploration of an extraordinary artifact.

An ancient Egyptian model ship.

Global Voyagers

Explore the secrets of the Penn Museum from your own home! These virtual tours are highly interactive, with built-in polls and quizzes to keep you guessing until the very end.

Garden Jams.

Garden Jams

On Wednesdays in July, We Jam

Penn Museum’s outdoor summer concert series returns as Garden Jams, a low-key, high-chill, al fresco scene in Stoner Courtyard at the rose-gold hour.