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Summer Wonder

Free with Museum Admission

June 24-August 20, 2023

School’s out, summer’s in—and so is a world of adventure, starting at the Penn Museum!

Every day from June 24 to August 20, we’re adding a summer splash of interactive family experiences to your Museum visit! On top of globetrotting in our world-renowned galleries, expect history, science, and art-based workshops, ancient games, and daily access to Cartifact stations to touch replica artifacts.

Two children learning about artifacts at a station in the gallery.

Summer Wonder is a chance for kids of all ages to explore the incredible world of archaeology (the study of objects people left behind) and anthropology (the study of what makes us human). Digging deeper into our past helps us better understand who we are today and gain a rich appreciation for our shared human history.

10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Stop by Cartifacts Stations throughout the museum to touch replica artifacts and ask an expert all the questions you want about it!
Tuesdays - Fridays
11:00 am - 3:00 pm
Stop by the creation station and create your very own work of art to take home. Each week features a new art-making activity.
Saturday and Sunday Workshops
11:00 am & 1:30 pm
Drop into a special family workshop led by museum educators and make something of your own to take home. Each workshop is 60 minutes. Choose a theme from below, or attend them all!

Workshop Themes

Workshops are offered on Saturdays and Sundays during listed dates.

Flowers, Herbs, and Spices
June 24 - July 9
Inspired by our new exhibition, Ancient Food and Flavor, this hands-on workshop will explore ancient ingredients. Discover the different ways that plants have influenced culinary traditions around the world, and learn how the use of spices, herbs, and flowers have created some of our favorite dishes today. Plant your own seeds and decorate a small pot to take home with you.
Design Your Own Senet Game
July 15 - July 30
Senet is a board game from Ancient Egypt that dates to around 3100 BC. During this interactive workshop, learn how Ancient Egyptians may have played this game, and how it influenced modern games still played today. Get up close with a modern Senet board, learn the rules, and make your own Senet game to take home and play with friends!
Understanding Ancient Cuneiform
August 5 - August 20
Join us during this interactive workshop to explore cuneiform. This complex writing system was used by multiple languages across the Ancient Middle East. Learn how symbols represent words and sounds, make a clay tablet, and carve your own message to take home.