University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

The Sara Yorke Stevenson Legacy Circle acknowledges the generosity of donors who have made planned gifts to the Penn Museum. Whether through a charitable gift annuity, naming the Museum as a beneficiary of your IRA, or making a provision for the Museum in your will, the meaningful decision to make an estate gift helps ensure the Museum’s future. Sara Yorke Stevenson (1847–1921) helped to create the Penn Museum we know today and that we continue to preserve for generations to come. A dynamic archaeologist and the first woman to receive an honorary doctorate from Penn (1894), she was a founder of the Museum and the first curator of the Egyptian and Mediterranean Sections. She later served as the Museum’s Secretary and its fifth (and only female) President from 1904–1905. She organized and analyzed field research in those areas, and helped to build the core of the Museum’s collections. The Sara Yorke Stevenson Legacy Circle of the Penn Museum is named in honor of her extraordinary support of the Museum’s mission. Her legacy continues today thanks to similar visionaries who are committed to sustaining the Museum for many years to come. We would be grateful to welcome you to the Sara Yorke Stevenson Legacy Circle as one of them. All planned gifts are recognized in the Museum’s Annual Report and at an annual event. Planned gifts to the Museum also count as planned gifts to Penn, which recognizes donors as members of its Harrison Society.

Support the Penn Museum Through the Pennsylvania EITC The Penn Museum is an approved Educational Improvement Organization under Pennsylvania’s Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program (EITC). This designation recognizes our learning programs as enhancing the curriculum of public schools and enables businesses that support our learning programs to receive generous tax credits. Eligible businesses can apply to receive tax credits equal to 75% of their contribution to the Penn Museum’s learning programs (up to a maximum of $750,000 per taxable year). Businesses who agree to provide the same amount for two consecutive tax years can receive 90% of the contribution as a tax credit. How Your Gift Can Help The Penn Museum connects K–12 students and teachers with its world-renowned collections and curriculum-based programs that complement, enrich, and extend classroom learning. Your EITC eligible contribution will help support free access to the Penn Museum’s learning programs for students at financially challenged schools, including: Unpacking the Past, a landmark partnership program with the School District of Philadelphia that reached over 5,400 seventh-grade students studying ancient Egypt and Rome last year. The free program offers multiple touchpoints at the Museum and in classrooms across the city. Guided museum tours that facilitate a deeper understanding of ancient civilizations and modern cultures. Access and learning programs that enable students with autism and other disabilities to participate in our programs, including Unpacking the Past. Our access programs intertwine academics with social and life skills. The International Classroom program which arranges for international residents, students, and scholars living in the region to give presentations about their countries of origin and their cultures to students. Interactive workshops, like our popular Mummy Makers workshop, that offers experiential learning with hands-on activities, props, and replica artifacts. Outreach lessons in classrooms across the city that teach students about archaeology and anthropology. Professional development that gives teachers direct access to archaeological and anthropologic experts as well as creative ideas for integrating museum resources into curricula. In appreciation of your business’ support of our educational programs, EITC donors will be recognized on the Museum’s website as well as in the annual report and field trip planner. How to Apply Businesses can access the application and additional information on the EITC program on the Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development’s website. Applications for businesses currently participating in the program are due May 16. Initial applications for businesses are due July 1. Tax credit applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis by day submitted. For more information, contact Rosemary Perez, Associate Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. document.getElementById('cloak91def0d9e3193b73600589a302dba11c').innerHTML = ''; var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; var addy91def0d9e3193b73600589a302dba11c = 'rkperez' + '@'; addy91def0d9e3193b73600589a302dba11c = addy91def0d9e3193b73600589a302dba11c + 'upenn' + '.' + 'edu'; var addy_text91def0d9e3193b73600589a302dba11c = 'rkperez' + '@' + 'upenn' + '.' + 'edu';document.getElementById('cloak91def0d9e3193b73600589a302dba11c').innerHTML += ''+addy_text91def0d9e3193b73600589a302dba11c+''; or 215.898.6733.

As one of the premier cultural institutions in the Greater Philadelphia Region, and internationally renowned for its stellar collection of ancient and traditional objects from around the world, the Penn Museum is an ideal partner for companies seeking to demonstrate their support of Philadelphia's cultural community in a meaningful and highly visible manner. Learn about the ways your company can support the Penn Museum: Corporate Sponsorship The Penn Museum continually offers an exciting schedule of changing exhibitions, public lectures, live performances and family-friendly events drawing approximately 200,000 visitors annually. Sponsoring one of these programs or events is a creative and cost-effective way for corporate neighbors to build brand recognition while also creating positive and memorable experiences for customers, employees, and the entire community. Corporate sponsorship opportunities are available at various levels and offer a wide range of benefits. Ongoing sponsorship opportunities at the Penn Museum include: Special exhibitions that draw large and diverse crowds from the Greater Philadelphia Region and Northeast Corridor, as well as significant media attention; Free school trips to the Penn Museum, providing guided tours and International Classroom speaker presentations, for K– 12 students from financially challenged schools; Popular public events including World Culture Days, the P.M. @ Penn Museum Summer Nights Concert Series, 40 Winks with the Sphinx sleepover program, and changing annual lecture series—all created to celebrate and promote awareness of the world's rich cultures. Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) Businesses who support free access for students to the Penn Museum may qualify for a tax credit equal up to 90% of their contribution. Each year, the Penn Museum provides thousands of students in Philadelphia with free access to our world-renowned collection and educational resources. The Penn Museum is an approved Educational Improvement Organization through the Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program (EITC). This designation recognizes our learning programs as enhancing the curriculum of public schools. The application and additional information on the program can be found on the Department of Community & Economic Development’s website. EDUCATIONAL IMPROVEMENT TAX CREDIT (EITC) Eligible contributions help support free access to the Penn Museum’s learning programs. Learn More The Penn Museum wishes to thank the following corporations for their generous support in 2016. The Coca Cola Company Dogfish Head Brewery Macquire Group Material Culture Palisade Capital Management PECO Wilmington Trust For more information, please contact Rosemary Perez, Associate Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations, at 215.898.6733 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. document.getElementById('cloak52f72329f0154425552035517d5ae70d').innerHTML = ''; var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; var addy52f72329f0154425552035517d5ae70d = 'rkperez' + '@'; addy52f72329f0154425552035517d5ae70d = addy52f72329f0154425552035517d5ae70d + 'upenn' + '.' + 'edu'; var addy_text52f72329f0154425552035517d5ae70d = 'rkperez' + '@' + 'upenn' + '.' + 'edu';document.getElementById('cloak52f72329f0154425552035517d5ae70d').innerHTML += ''+addy_text52f72329f0154425552035517d5ae70d+''; .

In 1887, Penn Provost William Pepper persuaded the University Trustees to construct a building to house artifacts from the Nippur excavations (now located in modern day Iraq), thus beginning the long tradition of the Penn Museum. Loyal members and donors of the Museum who have made gifts for ten or more consecutive years are an integral part of that long tradition, and are honored by induction into The 1887 Society. We recognize with sincere thanks the following individual Museum members and donors for the constancy of their support throughout the last decade and, in many cases, far longer. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z A Anonymous (2)Elie M. Abemayor, M.D., C78, and Judith AbemayorAnne M. and Carl AdamczykH. M. Addkison, Jr.Juliet AlexanderAnn H. AllisonLorraine H. AltrichterJanet Kestenberg Amighi and Lawrence DavidsonBrian D. AmpolskJanet M. AndereckJean AndersonLloyd B. AndersonNathalie F. AndersonAudrey Krauss Angelides, M.D., PARDavid Anstice and Ana-Maria ZauggEdith ArenasClara F. Armstrong, M.D., and Clay M. Armstrong, M.D.Julia Ashbey and William N. Ashbey, W55, PARWendy Ashmore, Ph.D., GR81Barbara AuerbachDeborah L. AugustaJacqueline M. Axilbund B Jo and Walter P. BabichMrs. Joel BachmanAnders Back and Pam KostyWendy J. Bacon, C78, GR07Mrs. Francis J. BagnellEileen BairdSylva C. Baker, CW52, G53, PARArthur S. Baldadian, WG68, and Kathie L. Baldadian, NU68Aaron D. Bannett, M.D., GM50, WG79, CGS07, and Joy BannettMargaret E. Barclay, GAR85Kate BarnashMary S. Barnette, Ph.D., GR79, and William E. Barnette, Ph.D., GR80Beth Barry and Edward Barry, GCH57Barbara A. BassettGregory W. Batker, C82, and Dr. Suet T. Lim, G89, GR92Lisa A. BattMona N. and Robert R.* BattChristina M. Bauers, CW68, SW82Ellen W. Baxter and Robert W. KavashLois and Robert M. BaylisAnn M. BealFay W. Beauchamp, Ph.D., GR74, and Gary K. Beauchamp, Ph.D.Eugene W. Beier and Virginia H. Beier, HUP62, NU70Arlyn R. Bell, WG80, and Joy Gomez-FarrowRonald J. BenesRobert J. Berkovits, EE61Allan Bernard, W53, and Nancy Stone BernardDr. Linda H. Bertland, PARMary A. Betancourt and Philip P. Betancourt, Ph.D., GR70Deborah A. and Gary BinghamGene B. Bishop, M.D., and Andrew M. Stone, M.D.Tom M. BlenkoLouis S. BluverSusan E. Bolesta and Jane GottfriedMarcia BosswickMatthew N. Boulis, M.D., and Renee G. BoulisBetsy BowdenHarold B. Boyd, Jr.Arnold W. Bradburd, W49, and Julia A. Bradburd, CGS07Luther W. Brady, M.D., RES56Philip A. Bregy, L39Timothy J. Brennan and Hugh T. ReganLinda Brenner and William G. ChristensenSusan J. Bridges, Ph.D., CW74Ira Brind, Esquire, C63, L67Dr. Robert A. Brooks and Shirley BrooksNancy O. Brown, V.M.D., V73, and William J. Kay, D.V.M., WAM88Sara M. Brown, Ph.D., GRD64Ann B. Brownlee, Ph.D., and David B. Brownlee, Ph.D.David L. Buch, M.D., and Annemarie ClarkeRachel B. and Richard A. BullEleanor W. Bulova and Stephen Bulova, M.D.G. Theodore and Nancie W. BurkettRichard J. Busis, Esquire, C75, G80, PARElizabeth and John BussardAnne C. Butcher and McBee Butcher, C61, PARH. Kenneth Butera and Dr. Karol M. WasylyshynBeth Howland Butler and John P. Butler III, C59 C David J. Califf, Ph.D.Russell J. Cardamone, Jr., Ph.D.Robert F. CarrJohn S. Carson, M.D., M50, RES55Lee A. CasperRaymond C. Cassidy and Susan B. Ragonesi, M.D.Cummins Catherwood, Jr., and Susan W. CatherwoodN. S. Cawley, M.D.Julia L. ChapmanCharlotte T. ChildNelly and Scott J. ChildressDavid T. Clancy, W70, and McCarroll Sibley ClancyElizabeth Spiro Clark and Warren Clark, Jr.Theodore Clattenburg, Jr.Joan I. CoaleJoan L. CoaleCecily CoddingtonAbbi L. Cohen, Esquire, L83, and Thomas O'Connell, Esquire, PARRobert M. CohenBarbara Coleman and Elliott Coleman, M.D.Thomas S. ColemanJoseph E. Colen, Jr., and Mary Leach Colen, GED68David and Nancy ColmanPatricia ConardMarie A. Conn, Ph.D.Byron P. Connell, C63, and Christine V. ConnellNancy ConnerJoanne H. Conrad, C79, and William L. Conrad, PARAlfred D. CookRoger CooperDonna Cooper-WinterAdrian D. Copeland, M.D., and Ellen CopelandConnie Copp and Jeffrey O. Copp, Ph.D., PARSharon K. Corbin and Ed SpectorSheila Cosminsky, Ph.D. and Herbert Ershkowitz, Ph.D.Robert Coughlin, Ph.D., GR64, and Louisa H. SpottswoodZoe CoulsonJean E. Craig, G76James D. Crawford, Esquire, L62, and Judith N. Dean, Esquire, CW59, L62Mary Ann CresswellNiki CritsD. Michael Crow, C68, WG70Michael R. CsensichAnn T. Csink and John E. Linck, Jr., PAROry CuellarWilliam H. CullinanMary E. CunninghamHelen I. Cunningham, G88, and Theodore T. NewboldMark P. Curchack, Ph.D., and Peggy L. CurchackElizabeth C. and Herbert S. Cutler D Jacquelyn and William DaleyStevan B. Dana, WG76Barbara A. DaneluzziElin C. Danien, Ph.D., CGS82, G89, GR98L. Daniel Dannenbaum, CGS07, and Katherine HallDena J. Dannenberg and James L. Dannenberg, D.D.S., D48Kristin and Robert DavidsonCharles H. Davis, W56, WG63, and Suzanne M. DavisColin Dawson, GAR85, and Victoria L. Dawson, CW74, PARRobert W. and Susan B. DeniousBonnie C. DerrJames J. and Linda DiamondHarold L. Dibble, Ph.D., HOM91, and Lee Dibble, PARHelen K. Dixon and William J. Dixon, Jr.Edythe M.* and Robert J. DixsonFrancis J. Dollarton, Jr., WG78, and Barbara Anne Dollarton, CW63, CGS86, GGS94Marie DonaghayWilliam Michael DonatoNancy W. DonohueMichelle Dooley and Christopher P. Kocher, C71, GEE76A. Webster Dougherty, Jr., C57, and Janet S. DoughertyCathy Drelick and Richard KozlowskiLouisa C. DubinLester D. DumanDiana and Philip DumontSally Dunham E Patricia Eames and Connie HartMarion and Robert J. EhrlichCynthia J. Eiseman, Ph.D., GR79, and James Eiseman, Jr., L66Howard J. Eisen, M.D., M81, INT84, and Judith E. Wolf, M.D., INT84Harrison Eiteljorg II, Ph.D., GR73, and Linda I. WeissBeverly ElliottMary E. Emore, CGS70Helen Evelev, CGS07, and Leonard Evelev, CGS07 F George and Nancy FagoMary J. Fallon, G81, and Daniel KurdillaCynthia A. Farrell and Marvin SchatzMichael Feng, C79, and Winnie Chin Feng, NU79, PARLily Ferry and Peter C. Ferry, C79Robert Fine, M.D., C70, and Catherine G. Fine,Ph.D., PARJeanne B. Fisher, G02Katherine M. FisherLaura Fisher and Ken LockwoodMarilyn Fishman and James P. MacElderryDorothy P. and Richard B. Flippen, PARJean Flood and Paul NemethMarilyn Forney and Robert C. Forney, Ph.D., PARAnn P. ForsythJanet R. Fox and William W. Fox, Jr.Kenneth Frank, M.D., and Susan FrankLisa C. Franks, G81Frank A. Franz, Ph.D. and Judy FranzPamela Freyd, Ph.D., GED68, GR81, and Peter Freyd, Ph.D., PARCharles A. Fritz III, G68, and Margaretha C. FritzMary Jane Fullam G Gerald J. GallagherJudith J. Gallagher and Dr. Thomas E. GallagherMadeleine GardbergBill Garrison and Christine W. Garrison, Ph. D.Elizabeth Gemmill, Esquire, CGS04, CGS06Geraldine C. GesellJoseph Gessner, C83 and Sonia GessnerSonia Gilbert, PARLinda Gilbert-SchneiderHelen H. Gindele, CW51Mary C. Glick, Ph.D., GR58Dolores Gmitter and Sara QuayMarguerite P. Goff and Stephen Goff, AR62, PARBarbara Wyler Gold, M.D., G70Arlene L. Goldberg, CW64Andrew R. Golden, W74, and Vickie G. Golden, W74, PARAnn W. Golden and Louis M. Golden, Jr.Madge GoldmanMary L. Goldman, CW58Mary E. Golin, GED63Criswell Cohagan GonzalezMary Lou GonzalezJanice T. Gordon, Ph.D.Philip A. GordonJanet H. Goren and Robert Goren, M.D., C73, GM81Dr. Claire Gottlieb and Milton GottliebFrederick J. GraboskeDonald C. and Ingrid A. GrahamThomas A. Grahame, GLA68, and Marsha Lynn GrahameJerome M. Greenberg, W55, and Myra Bernstein Greenberg, CW60, PARAnn N. Greene, CW54Judith Kramer Greene, G61, and Robert W. Greene, Ph.D., GR63Gaye L. GreenwaldKaaren GuentherLinda and Roderick G. GunnConnie and Lowell GustafsonMary Bert Gutman, PAR H Barbara Ann and William J. HagertyDemetra J. Haines, GED01Frances and Joseph A. HallGretchen R. Hall, Ph.D., CGS97Portia Hamilton-SperrMarian A. and Robert G. HardtW. Benson Harer, Jr., M.D., M56, RES60Judith H. HarperT.M. HarriganA. Brooks Harris, Ph.D., HOM69, and Margaret R. Harris, PARBarry H. Harris, M.D., and Carole Sklar, Ph.D.Carol Ann HarrisJacqueline Scott Harris, MU49, and John F. Harris, Jr., Ph.D., C48, GR53Margaret V. HarrisCynthia M. Harrison, Ph.D., GR82Frank Harrison, Jr., M61, INT65, PAR89, and Joan Harrison, NU60, PAR89Robert HartmannDonna F. and Vincent W. HartnettVictoria HartungChristie Hastings and John V. Hastings III, PARArthur B. Hattler, D.D.S., D55, GD57Gail Hauptfuhrer and Henry Hauptfuhrer IVJohn W. Hayden and Mary-Jean B. Hayden, GED87, PARMichael P. and Suchinda HeavenerMary Meachum HegartyHannah L. HendersonNancy M. and William H. HendersonCaroline Henry and William J. HenryE.H. HermanceCynthia W. HeselElinor A. HewittRobert D. Hicks, Ph.D., and Kathleen R. Sands, Ph.D.Celene HilkinEleanor O. Hill and Robert W. Hill, AR55Elizabeth B. Hill and Joseph J. Hill, C61, PARAlan and Nancy J. HirsigLynda K. and W. Anthony HitschlerDaryl Hoch and Willis Hoch, M.D.Lisa W. and William R. HoffmanHon. Harris N. Hollin, CCC57, and Sandra F. Hollin, PARDiane L. Horan, CW74, and Peter Horan, C73, WG77Lee C. Horne, Ph.D., GR88, and Bruce PearsonJacqueline W. Hover and John C. Hover II, C65, WG67Theresa Howard-Carter, Ph.D., G54Barbara Huber and Michel T. Huber, W53, ASC61, PAREdward K. Hueber, C43, and Josephine Arader Hueber, CW47, PARRichard W. Hurd I J Josephine S. JensenCheryl Jogan and M. Karen Jogan, PARRay Johnston and Patricia A. Simon, CGS85Robley J. Johnston and Lawrence PavlikBill JohnstoneChristopher Jones, Ph.D., G63, GR69, and Leslie W. Jones, PARElise F. Jones, G69, GR79Helen M. Justi and Henry K. Justi, WEV60 K Anne A. Kamrin and Robert P. Kamrin, M.D., M59, INT66Dorothy G. Kapenstein, CW50John W. Karlawish, W58, WG61Peter F. Kasuba, GME67Bettie F. and Randall KehrtDr. Stephen T. KellyCarl J. and Geraldine KijowskiHarvey and Virginia KimmelRichard J. King, GED75Dale Kinney, Ph.D.James H. KinsmanJay I. Kislak, W43, PARGregory J. Kleiber, G80H. Lewis Klein, C49, and Janet S. Klein, ED51, PARJosephine KleinRoberta S. Klein, Ph.D.Vida M. Klemas, CW62, PARDorothy KnausBarbara Koelle, CW45, G46, GR81, and John KoelleAnnie A. KohlGary Kolleogy and Donna Mansfield, CW73Linda C. and William F. KoonsRobert A. Kraft, Ph.D., HOM68, PAREzra S. Krendel and Janet Krendel, PARDonald Kriebel, AR53, and Katharine KriebelEvelyn S. Kritchevsky, Ph.D., GR78George A. Kuhn, Jr. L Nancy Hill Lamason, CW58David R. LampeBette E. Landman, Ph.D.Margaret J. Laudise, GNU87, and Derek P. Warden, C83, PARErle Leichty, Ph.D.Donald A. Leonard and Sandra Schenk LeonardWilliam Levant and Carol R. YasterEleanor LeventhalSteven D. LevinJanet E. LevittJerry D. Levitt, M.D., C62, M66, FEL72, and Julie M. Levitt, Ph.D., C65Diane von Schlegell Levy and Robert M. Levy, WG74Howard H. and Maxine S. LewisLarry L. Liggett and Jayne YantzRachel C. Lilley, CW66Mott R. Linn, Ph.D., C53, GRD71, and Ruth H. Linn, ED55, GED59Barbara Lisi and Robert F. Lisi, C57June Long and William W. Long, C48, GED52Frank J. Loprest, Ph.D., and Jane A. Loprest, PARAlida N. LovellSandra LovellDonna M. Tarantino-Loyle and John E. LoyleBonnie Verbit Lundy, CW67, and Joseph E. Lundy, Esquire, W65 M John R. and Mary B. MackDonna Mackay, M.D., and Robert MackayPaul MaertensDavid W. MaherA. Bruce Mainwaring, C47, and Margaret R. Mainwaring, ED47, HON85, PARFrederick J. Manning, W69, and Gail P. Manning, PARRebecca MarcusLawrence N. and Ronnie B. Margel, PARMary Ellen MarkovcyRudolph Masciantonio, Ph.D., G66Lynn C. MatsonE. Ann Matter, Ph.D., HOM83Patricia A. Mattern, CW72, G72Barbara Matteucci, M.D., and John S. Rizzo, M.D.Margaret Maurin, Ph.D., G88, and Albert J. Stunkard, M.D. *Eleanore MaxmanJohn O. Mayes, D.M.D., D79Marian Holland McAllisterLinda McCarthy and Thomas A. McCarthy, Jr., W78Dr. Ann M. McCloskeyPaul W. McCloskey, C48, PARJoseph R. McCormickDaniel J. McCue, C92J. C. McCulloughPatricia McCurdyCatherine McDonaldAnne McGhie and Andrew McGhie, Ph.D., PARDorothy McHaleCarol B. and William L. McIntyreCharles and Rania McKinleyElizabeth Ray McLean, C78Joan McNamara, Ph.D., GED72Barbara W. McNerney, CW52, and William R. McNerneyMissy McQuiston and Robert E. McQuiston, CGS07Albert B. MeadorJohn J. Medveckis, PARDonna Merchant and Bill RennerAnnette Merle-SmithWalda C. MetcalfAllen M. and Margaret A MetzgerBernard and Rosa MeyersMary Ann D. Meyers, Ph.D., GR76, PARElla Warren Miller, CW51, and Paul F. Miller, Jr., W50, HON81, PARHattula Moholy-Nagy and Roger G. SchneggenburgerMrs. J. Maxwell MoranDonald Morel, Jr., Ph.D.Anselene M. MorrisJune S. Morse, CGS84Martha and Peter MorseCarlos Moya and Francisco Moya, Ph.D.William R. Muir, M.D., INT59A. M. Mulroney, CW57, PARGrace Freed Muscarella, Ph.D., CW50, GR58Mary Alice Musser, HUP60, GNU87 N Harriet S. Nash and Samuel K. Nash, Sc.D.John B. and Shirley M. Neff, PARBenjamin R. and Meta B. Neilson, PARLinda J. Nelson, Ph.D., ED50Scott A. NeumannArthur E. Newbold IV, Esquire, L67Joseph W. Nolan and Donald RogersCarlos L. Nottebohm, W64, and Renee Nottebohm O Bonnie J. O'Boyle, CW68Katheryn J. O'Connell, Ed.D., CW67, GED75, GRD87, and Lawrence O'Connell, PARJoseph A. O'Connor, Jr., EsquireAlbert T. Olenzak, Ph.D.W. Gresham O'Malley III, W54 P Adolf A. Paier, W60, and Geraldine Paier, Ph.D., HUP66, NU68, GNU85, GR94Adolf A. Paier, W60, and Geraldine S. Paier, Ph.D., HUP66, NU68, GNU85, GR94Elaine Paulson and Robert H. Paulson, Ph.D., GR73Esther L. Payne, CGS82Scott W. PectorAlan W. PenseFrank A. Pepe, Ph.D.Charles B. Peterson III, Ph.D.E. Reeve PetersonM. Kate Pitcairn, CGS77, G78George R. Pitts, Ph.D., GR77Robert B. Platt, GR48Gerald J. Porter, Ph.D., HOM03, and Judith PorterSandra B. Portnoy, CW67, and Dr. Sidney PortnoyJanet E. PowellHelen N. Pratt, GAR64, and Eli PritzkerBarbara Z. Presseisen, Ph.D.Ruth G. Preucel, PARHarold C. Putnam, Jr., C58, and Mary Putnam Q Frances D. Quinn and John A. Quinn, Ph.D., PAR R Judy and Joseph RadanoFrances M. RaffertyFrancis B. RandallDiana R. RankinPaul E. RappDavid Rasner and Caroline Wischmann-RasnerChristopher RayKyle M. RaymondBoyd M. Reed, C69Paul W. RemeczkiMargaretta RichardiThomas O. Richey, C49Gretchen P. Riley, CGS70, and J. Barton Riley, W70, PARDonna Conforti Rissman and Paul Rissman, Ph.D., C78, GR85Barbara RittenhouseAnita and T. Wayne RobertsCelia W. Roberts and Shepherd K. Roberts, Ph.D.John M. Roberts, M.D., RES58Joan Todd Robinette, CW51Frances Rockwell and John R. Rockwell, W64, WG66, PARDavid Romano, Ph.D., GR81, and Irene B. Romano, Ph.D., GR80Harold and Sue RosenthalMartin Rosenthal, CGS07, PAR86, and Phyllis RosenthalMitchell S. Rothman, Ph.D., GR88, and Leslie M. Simon, GR80Barbara Perna Rubin, ED55, GED76, and Lionel F. Rubin, V.M.D., C55, V58, GV65, PARCynthia D. RugartErnest F. and Vida RuppeRocco E. Russo S Evelyn Hutton Sachs, G79, and Marvin L. Sachs, M.D., FEL57Hugh A. Sargent, Esquire, L60Kirsten Savinese and Stanley Savinese, Jr., D.O.Claire SawyersKlare Scarborough, Ph.D.Joseph B. and Rita P. SchellerHelen Schenck, G81George Warren Schiele, W53, and Joan B. SchieleCarolyn W. Schmidt, Ph.D.John T. SchmittCharles P. SchockAlexandra Schoenberg and Eric J. Schoenberg, Ph.D., GEN93, WG93, PARFlorence SchreibsteinGrace E. Schuler and Thomas Tauber, Ph.D.Carolyn Talbot Seely and Malcolm H. WienerJoan M. SegalDonald P. SeibertPhyllis C. Seligsohn, ED59, and Sheldon Seligsohn, W53, PARBernard and Lisa SelzJohn R. Senior, M.D., M54, FEL59, and Sara Spedden Senior, CW52, PARCarole M. Shaffer-Koros, Ph.D., GR73Shigeki ShakuyaCarl ShankweilerJoseph A. ShannonFrank C. ShawPhoebe A. Sheftel, Ph.D., GR74, and Roger T. Sheftel, W63, PARCatherine N. Shelton, Ph.D.Elaine L. ShermanMarciarose ShestackGlenn E. Sickenberger, Esquire, C71Brian J. Siegel, L83, and Lisa SiegelMary Ellen Simmons, O.D., C81, and Steve SimmonsCaroline M. Simon, EsquireGeorg U. Simon and Janet A. Simon, LPS08Anne SimsDr. John R. SkinnerJohn K. Skrypak, Esquire, C79, G79Wilma S. Slyoff, CW64, GED68Cecil and Shirley SmithMaria B. Smith, M.D., CW72Rheta R. SmithCharles SnellHannah P. and Ivan SnyderAmy K. Sommer, Esquire, L77Luther B. Sowers, Ph.D., GRD65Ann W. Spaeth and Karl H. Spaeth, EsquireDr. Sandra Sparrow and Harold Wilkinson, M.D.Anni Adelheid Speier, WEV66Patricia L. SquirePatricia L. Squire and Elizabeth Jean Walker, SW74Harry A. and Helen M. StaileyEmily W. Starr and Harold P. Starr, L57Nancy M. SteelMarion StewartMcHenry Stiff IIIBrian D. StilwellBayard T. Storey, Ph.D., and Frances E. Storey*Francis R. Strawbridge III and Mary Jo StrawbridgeGaynor StricklerCecil L. Striker, Ph.D., and Ute StrikerDiana StroudAndrew J. Sullivan, Ph.D.*, G53, and Betty SullivanLeon C. Sunstein, Jr.Barbara Billings SuppleeJill Szporn and Monroe N. Szporn, M.D., C71 T Lee Evan Tabas, C72, ME72, and Nancy Freeman Tabas, PARRoberta Tanenbaum, PARBrian L. and Nancy TarasBill TatuLou TemmeRobert V. and Terri TetiDr. Linda C. ThielMartha ThomaeEdward W. ThomasGeorge C. Thomas, C72Judith A. and William Jay ThomasPhilip P. Thompson, Jr., M.D., M41Robert W. ThompsonEve M. Thyrum and Per Thyrum, M.D., Ph.D., C59, GR63Dr. Jon P. Tilley and Mary E. TilleyDonald S. Todd, GED61, and Nancy C. ToddClaire G. and Paul M. ToyHarriet TrainorDaniel L. TrasattiJeannette G. Tregoe, PAR U Marta UllmanDavid C. U'Prichard, Ph.D., and Alissa U'PrichardJohn R. Urofsky V Duncan W. and Elizabeth E. Van DusenEva Verplanck, Ph.D.Christina and Ian VillarrealSandra Vondeling W Dr. Thomas G. WaldmanDonald W. and Judith WallaceRobert J. Wallner, M.D.Mary Warden and William G. Warden IIIAda Warner and Frank W. Warner, Ph.D., PARElsie F. WarnerAlan Warren, C58William WasserstromHelen S. WearyHarvey M. Weidenfeld, W58, and Karen Weidenfeld, PAROscar R. 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