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Welcome Teachers! The content and activities included here can be used to prepare students for their trip to the museum, or simply to supplement classroom learning. Download Our 2017-2018 Field Trip Planner Classroom Activities and Resources Museum Activities Professional Development Want More about Artifacts? Search the Digital Penn Museum for additional articles, films, and info! Visit Website Plan a field trip to the Penn Museum Review our Field Trip Planner before you schedule your visit. 2016-2017 Field Trip Planner Write like an Egyptian! Translate Your Name into Hieroglyphs (the way an Egyptian scribe might have written it!) Write your name in hieroglyphs now! Write like a Babylonian! See your Monogram in Cuneiform (the way an ancient Babylonian might have written it) Write your name in cuneiform now!

Africa Gallery Guide Buddhism Gallery Guide China Gallery Guide Egypt Gallery Guide Iraq Gallery Guide Permanently Closed as of December 30, 2016 Scavenger Hunt Young people will enjoy this riddle scavenger hunt which takes them on a journey throughout the most popular galleries in the Museum.

Educator Guides Native American Voices Educator's Guide  This Educators’ Guide will support and enrich your classroom’s visit to the Native American Voices: The People—Here and Now exhibition at the Penn Museum. The booklet’s five units, each with pre-visit and post-visit activities, correspond to the content of the exhibition. Each activity connects to National Academic Standards, covering a range of subjects across the curriculum. Amarna: Ancient Egypt's Place in the Sun This classroom supplement includes activities and vital background information about Egypt in the Amarna Period. Visit our exhibit to find out all about this mysterious city where young Tutankhamun grew up, a city built in praise of the mighty god, the Aten, and where the Pharaoh Akhenaten lived with his beautiful wife Nefertiti.  Inquirer Educational Supplement Human Evolution: The First 200 Million Years Formerly Surviving: The Body of Evidence News in Education Supplement Over millions of years, humans have inherited characteristics that have helped them live successfully in environments around the world. In this special student supplement, you can explore some of these ideas about how humans have changed and survived over time. Research Guides China – Silk Road Egypt – Traditions Rome – Architecture and City Planning Resources Crossword Puzzles Download a pdf including six crossword puzzles with answer keys which cover Egypt, Buddhism & Hinduism, China, Rome, Greece, and Mesopotamia.  All of the words in the puzzles are vocabulary terms related to each area of study. You may provide a list of the answers to differentiate these puzzles for ELL or elementary students.

Welcome Teachers! The content and activities included here can be used to prepare students for their trip to the museum, or simply to supplement classroom learning. Field Trip Planner In this guide you will find information about K-12 gallery tours, workshops and more for planning your museum field trip. Teacher and Student Resources Africa In this Africa pdf you will find curricular materials and activities about African geography, masks, religion, demography and anthropology. Egypt In this Egypt pdf you will find leveled reading content and activities for students all about ancient Egypt. Math Attention Math Teachers! New Content! In this pdf are six activities entitled Ancient History Math Mystery, Ancient Numeration, Maya Ballcourt Math, Africa by Numbers, Ancient Egyptian Math, and Math of Domes. These activities cover various ancient number systems, including Roman and Shang oracle bone numerals, cuneiform, and Maya. Other activities cover, circumference, radius, area and perimeter; converting percents, decimals and fractions, and problem solving. Mesoamerica In this pdf you will find content and activities about the Mesoamerican ballgame and the Maya numeral system.

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