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See Ancient History in a Modern Light : New Middle East Galleries

New Middle East Galleries featuring 10,000 years of human history Opening Weekend: April 21-22, 2018 , with a gala preview April 14

The 4,500-year-old crowning jewelry of a Mesopotamian queen. One of the world’s oldest wine vessels. A baby’s rattle. A school child’s first writing primer. A workman’s tool. The very first spreadsheet. Through these fascinating objects and over 1,200 more, the Penn Museum’s new Middle East Galleries will take you on a journey, exploring how ancient Mesopotamian societies gave rise to the world’s first cities—cities not so different from our own.

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And So the Story Goes…Innovations in Storytelling

Opening Thursday, April 26

Telling stories is a fundamental aspect of all human societies, but how have different cultures taken on communicating narratives? And what happens when the ways stories are told change? This special exhibition, developed by Penn student curators Brayden Cordivari, Fiona Jensen-Hitch, and Linda Lin for Penn’s Year of Innovation, explores how storytelling has changed with cultural innovations. Fifteen objects—including a Javanese Shadow puppet, a Native American story knife from Alaska, and a Neoclassical period cameo—drawn from the Penn Museum’s international collections, help to tell the tale.

First Floor Elevator Lobby.

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