Get more from your trip by booking a guided tour! Experienced museum guides lead your students through highlights of the galleries, answer their questions, and share some behind-the-scenes stories of the Museum, all in about an hour. Penn Museum tours feature opportunities to closely look at artifacts (primary sources for learning about the past) and discuss key concepts with our guides. This format provides an ideal way to address Common Core standards in Speaking & Listening as well as addressing content in World History, World Cultures, and United States History.

Tour Information


Reserve your private guided tour at least 6 weeks in advance. Tours fill up quickly! Each gallery can accommodate one tour at a time, with the exception of Egypt, which can accommodate up to three groups at one time.

Group Size

We require a minimum of 10 students and a maximum of 30 people for each guided tour. Please note that Ancient Greece is limited to 22 people. For school groups we require one adult for every 10 children.


  • K-12 School Groups
    Children and Students (with ID) $7 Group Admission + $2 per person per tour
    Adults and Seniors $12 Group Admission + $2 per person per tour


    Payment in full for guided tours must be made no later than two weeks prior to the tour date.

    Select from the following tours:

    • Africa
      The continent of Africa is home to diverse array of cultures. Masterpieces of mask making and artifacts from the Asante Kingdom are just some of the stars in this gallery.
    • Canaan and Israel
      Crossroads of the ancient world, with strong influences from Egypt to the Near East. A model of an ancient house, complete with ‘kitchen,’ ‘office,’ and ‘pantry,’ brings this gallery to life.
    • China
      See everything from oracle bones - the origin of Chinese writing - to the crystal ball of the Dowager Empress of China in this eclectic gallery. A beautiful collection of Buddhist artwork reveals the importance Buddhism in China.
    • Egypt
      With one of the most impressive collections of Egyptian artifacts in the world, Penn Museum offers a one-of-a-kind Egypt tour including mummies, sarcophagi, and the largest sphinx in North America.
    • Etruscan/Roman World
      Contemporaries of the great Greek city-states and forefathers of the Romans, the Etruscans are an enigmatic and influential ancient civilization. This tour includes standouts from both the Etruscan and Rome Galleries, including bronze armor, and complete groups of tomb artifacts.
    • Greece
      Dozens of Greek painted vases and hand-minted coins introduce your students to everything from mythology to daily life in ancient Greece.
    • Mexico and Central America
      Birthplace of the Maya and Aztec civilizations, Mesoamerica has a rich cultural tradition. Discover artifacts from an ancient ballgame, and stand in awe under the large stone stela monuments that commemorate the power of ancient rulers.
    • Native American Voices
      Videos and interactive technology bring this gallery to life, introducing visitors to the diverse Native American people of today. Hear their voices as you discover cultural artifacts ranging from the Southwest to the Arctic.
    • Rome
      Get an inside look into the Roman world with glimpses of politics, religion, and art. Ancient materials of marble, metal, and glass tell the stories of this influential civilization.
    • Introduction to Archaeology
      How do we know what we know? What do archaeologists do, and how does it tell us about the past? Brush up on your archaeological thinking skills as you examine highlights from around the Museum.

    • Storytime Expeditions
      Designed for K-3 classes, this tour welcomes the next generation of museum-lovers. While at the Museum your students will hear a story, see a few artifacts, and do an activity in a 45-minute gallery experience.

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