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Penn Students Pilot Drones in New Digital Archaeology Course PHILADELPHIA, PA Spring 2017—On a beautiful morning in early May, two Penn students—Kristen Pearson, a junior majoring in Classics, and Lauren Aguilar, a dual degree Master’s student in Architecture and Historic Preservation at the School of Design—were out at the Morris Arboretum’s Bloomfield Farm, engaged in flight training. Their aircraft: a new DJI Mavic Pro drone.

Penn Museum is a founding partner and a core collaborator of the annual Philadelphia Science Festival, running April 21 through 29, 2017. Founded in 2011, the Philadelphia Science Festival is a nine-day, community-wide celebration of science that takes place annually in April. Featuring lectures, debates, hands-on activities, special exhibitions and a variety of other informal science education experiences for all ages, the Festival aims to provide opportunities for all Philadelphians to positively engage with and build a community around science, engineering, and technology. Created and organized by The Franklin Institute and presented by The Dow Chemical Company, the annual Festival brings science to restaurants, parks, breweries, libraries, museums and other neighborhood places!

Penn Museum Curatorial Interns Reflect on Creating an Exhibition for Penn’s Year of Media When we think of the term “media” today, we tend to think of newspapers, magazines, television, radio, or increasingly, of the myriad social media platforms where information is distributed via the worldwide web. Penn students Caroline Miller and Reggie Kramer are aiming to expand our thinking about “media.”

Penn Museum Finds New Ways to Serve Diverse Audiences PHILADELPHIA, 2017—In 2016, the Penn Museum, home to a renowned collection of art and artifacts from around the world, completed construction on a long-awaited ramp leading up from the sidewalk to the elevated Warden Garden and Main Kamin Entrance. First opened in 1899, this stately museum entrance became accessible to people using wheelchairs and pushing strollers for the first time in the Museum’s history.

Patients and Caregivers Enjoy Shared Evening with an Ancient Egypt Theme In August 2016, the Penn Museum collaborated with the Penn Memory Center (PMC) on a special edition of the Center’s celebrated series of “Memory Cafes.” The pilot program was met with enthusiasm by both the patients with memory problems, including Alzheimer’s disease, and their caregivers and families.

What are these six dentists doing in the human skeletal collection at the Penn Museum?

To mark the celebration of International Day of Peace on September 21, visitors to the Penn Museum were invited to fold origami “Peace Cranes.” Guests of all ages spent time transforming squares of colored paper into symbols of peace and tranquility. The Penn Museum’s participation in this Peace Day Philly program gave guests an opportunity to create something beautiful, and pause for a short while to consider the ideal of a world at peace.

Sign Up Today! Attention Scout groups! Church groups! Latin American culture clubs! Families! Spanish language classes and clubs! Neighborhood groups, too! Penn Museum, the Mexican Cultural Center of Philadelphia and the Consulate of Mexico, are preparing for the 5th annual Day of the Dead, a culturally rich remembrance of those who have gone before, and a joyous celebration of life.

Award to be Presented at Sold-Out Philomathean Society Lecture PHILADELPHIA, PA, 2016—Jane Goodall, Ph.D, DBE, founder of the Jane Goodall Institute, a United Nations Messenger of Peace, and a world-renowned conservationist, will receive the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology’s Wilton Krogman Award for Distinguished Achievement in Biological Anthropology when she visits the University of Pennsylvania on Thursday, September 29, 2016. The award will be presented at the sold-out 2016 Philomathean Society Annual Oration, in the Penn Museum’s Harrison Auditorium.

Undergraduate Michael Freeman’s Penn education thus far has been nothing short of magical. Now a junior majoring in Classical Studies, Michael came to Penn from the tiny town of Walton, New York. A self proclaimed member of the Harry Potter generation, he was long enchanted by magic—but it wasn’t until the end of his freshman year that a course on ancient magic, taught by Classics Professor Peter Struck, really drew him in.

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