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Digital Student Curated Exhibitions

The creation of Digital Exhibitions offers students and faculty the opportunity to curate objects and archival documents within a digital space.

Penn Museum invites Penn students and professors to explore their ideas through the development of an online exhibition:

  • in conjunction with their curricula.
  • as an individual project for a class or independent study.
  • as a student group project.

The projects can vary in size and scope, from singular object studies to larger assemblages and museum staff are available to help you to develop or focus your ideas.

For questions, or to discuss how to get started, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Penn Libraries offers a variety of platforms and partnership opportunities for students, faculty and researchers interested in pursuing a digital project. The following are a sample of the different types of platforms offered as well as some of the previously completed projects conducted by Penn faculty and students:

Omeka: The Wanamaker Bronze Collection

Scalar: A Monument to Climate Change: Reinterpreting the “Indian Statue” in Wissahickon Park

Neatline: Archives for Ornamental Bodies

Weebly: Digging Deeper at Penn: Explore the Middle East Galleries


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