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Community Spotlight

There are a million objects in the Penn Museum.

In the Spotlight Gallery, there can be only one.

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Your Museum, Your Choice

The Penn Museum is home to a million extraordinary objects, but in the Spotlight Gallery, there can only be one—and you get to choose! Introducing Community Spotlight, a new exhibition series displaying one community-selected object representing one facet of our shared human experience.

Thanks to everyone who voted.

In March, we began by asking our community—that’s you—to select one theme from universal human experiences of love, heartbreak, envy, joy, inner peace, security, and perseverance. Love prevailed. We can’t think of a better theme to bring it all together!

In August, six artifacts that best express love in its broadest definition were lined up by our Collections experts, and the public was asked to vote online for their favorite one. The results are in, and the object with the most votes is the bronze statue of Isis and Horus, created between 664 and 332 BCE, depicting the Egyptian goddess Isis with her son Horus. This beautiful, timeless artifact serves as an example of parental love and protection.