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Community Spotlight

There are a million objects in the Penn Museum.

In the Spotlight Gallery, there can be only one.

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Your Museum, Your Choice

Your Museum, Your Choice

Create a New Kind of Display

At a time when we face a shared global challenge, many of us are looking for connections to one another. We invite you to celebrate and explore these connections through the Museum’s new Community Spotlight: this new interactive exhibition series will display one special object at a time to represent one facet of our shared human experience—and each object will be chosen by you, our community.

Now is your chance to shape the next display at the Penn Museum, from start to finish! Follow along through five steps:

Step 1
Our community—that’s you!—will choose an experience that we all share. The options for this universal theme include love, heartbreak, envy, joy, inner peace, security, and perseverance. Voting for a theme has concluded. Stay tuned for our announcement of the winning theme!
Step 2
We’ll tally the votes and announce the winning theme.
Step 3
Our collections experts will choose a series of objects from around the world and across time that represent the theme.
Step 4
It’s your turn to vote again! Learn more about the objects that the curators chose and why—then, select the object that best represents the universal theme and that you want to see spotlighted.
Step 5
We will install the winning object—selected by you—for our Community Spotlight. It will be unveiled on social media and, once the Museum reopens, we hope you will visit to see it for yourself in the Spotlight Gallery, adjacent to our famous Sphinx.

Stay tuned to our weekly e-newsletter and @PennMuseum on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates. We hope to continue this series one object at a time, in collaboration with you.