For teachers
Penn Museum has developed a dynamic set of resources for K-12 teachers including a teacher’s guide, loan box programs, as well as a series of Educators’ Evenings to help inform your curriculum. Read more

For kids and family
Visitors of all ages can have fun learning about the Maya and 2012 with our exciting line up of MAYA 2012 programming and events. Read more

Follow the blogs
Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the exhibition process as well as supplemental information beyond the exhibition on our blogs. Read more

Watch videos
Watch our recorded lectures and behind-the-scenes footage of the exhibition process as well as interview with curators and Maya scholars on our YouTube channel. Watch now

Spanish Materials
Several spanish language resources are in development for MAYA 2012. The entire exhibit text will be available in spanish as well as a spanish audio tour. Videos in the exhibition will be recorded in spanish or have spanish subtitles. Read more

Read the special Maya issue of Expedition magazine featuring articles about the Maya calendars, kingship, 2012 and more.


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