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Aerial View of Operation H5 from the East, 1976

The broken ground seen here north of H5 was the location of excavations in about 1961 by Fereydoun Tavalloli, Director of the Archaeological Service in Fars Province. Tavalloli's excavations here and at several other locations on the site have not been published.

In 1978 Operations G5, G7, and H7 were opened and combined with H5 under the abbreviation GHI. GHI produced a late building level, probably belonging to the Qale Period (ca. 1500 BC) and three substantial earlier Kaftari (ca. 2200-1600 BC) building levels. The wall seen running diagonally through H5 belongs to the most recent Kaftari building.

Bibliography— John Nickerson, also Blackman, Miller, and Zeder


Drawing a Parthian burial excavated in Operation GHI. An unusual bronze coin was found while sifting the soil removed from the skull.

Bibliography— Jack Balcer

Pit used for making bricks excavated in Kaftari levels at Operation GGX98. The bricks in the background were set up to dry and those in the foreground were left in place after the mold was removed.