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Patrick McGovern examining the world's oldest wine jar...
Patrick McGovern examining the world's oldest wine jar in his archaeometry lab at the UPM.

Patrick E. McGovern is the Scientific Director of Penn Museum's Biomolecular Archaeology Laboratory, a Research Project Manager in the Near East Section of the Penn Museum, and an Adjunct Associate Professor of Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania. He has been a pioneer in the rapidly developing field of Biomolecular Archaeology, which is opening up new vistas on human biocultural development. He has published extensively on ancient dyes, fermented beverages, pottery technology, and glass colorants. As a Research Associate in the Near East Section of the Penn Museum, he has directed excavations in Jordan and published Museum monographs on the Baq`ah Valley Project and Beth Shan.

Patrick McGovern thanks—
Drs. Elizabeth Simpson, Keith DeVries, Robert C. Henrickson, Ellen L. Kohler, Erle Leichty, Machteld J. Mellink, Naomi F. Miller, Rudolph H. Michel, and G. Kenneth Sams, the current director of the Gordion Project. The research was made possible by the first Museum grant in "New Technology" from the J.M. Kaplan Fund. The recent chemical analyses of Mycenaean and Minoan pottery were done in collaboration with Drs. C. Holley Martlew and Yannis Tzedakis, with support from the European Union.

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