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Indulge your Egyptomania on Penn Museum's website! Here are a few links all about Egypt:

Download a pdf of the Educational Supplement for Amarna sponsored by the News in Education Program of The Philadelphia Inquirer.


Write your name in hieroglyphs. What are hieroglyphs anyway? Find out!


A magical birth brick? Penn Museum archaeologists working at Abydos discovered one. What is it?

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Taxes in Ancient Egypt: Did Ancient Egyptians pay taxes? Find out about the long and noble tradition of taxation.


Wine in Ancient Egypt: Read about a thriving royal winemaking industry on the Nile delta where the wild grape never grew.


Just for Kids... some Ancient Egyptian stuff you'll want to know... and games to play!

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Mummies! Learn about the ancient Egyptian belief in a life after death and the practice of mummification.


A New Look at an Ancient Culture: Read about Pharaohs, Gods and Goddesses, and more in this online exhibit.


Egypt Fun Facts: A new surprising and amusing fact about ancient Egypt posted each week.

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Find out about Penn Museum's research in Africa and Ancient Egypt.


Akhenaten & Tutankhamun:
Revolution and Restoration
new from Penn Museum Publications.

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