Currently in the Lab

What will you see when you visit the Artifact Lab? There are two areas where you can see objects: on formal display in our exhibition space and behind the glass, being worked on in the lab. Here is a list of what is currently on view:

On exhibit:

  • B9220: Slipper coffin (glazed terracotta), Iraq, Nippur
  • 69-12-15: Wine jar, Iran, Hajji Firuz, 5400-5000 BCE
  • 37-15-31: Statue, Iraq, Khafaje 
  • 36-6-65: Hut symbol or eye-idol, Iraq, Gawra, 4200-4000 BCE 
  • 37-11-87: Bowl, Iran, Rayy, 1200-1299 
  • E12443: Ibis mummy, Egypt, Abydos

    The ibis mummy in its new storage mount

  • 97-121-8: Bundle of snakes, Egypt, Thebes, Late Period (664-332 BCE) 
  • E12435: Shrew mummy, Egypt, Abydos
  • E16234: Tanwa/Tanus, child mummy, location unknown, Ptolemaic Period (305-30 BCE). Related blogpostschild mummy overall
  • E521: Crocodile mummy, location unknown, date unknown
  • E416: Mummified woman’s head, location unknown, date unknown

In the lab:

(this list includes objects that are likely to be visible when visiting the lab, but some may not be visible depending on the day)

  • B15880: Frieze of 6 bulls, Iraq, Al ‘Ubaid, Ubaid Period (6500-3800 BCE). 
  • B15883: Frieze of ducks, Iraq, Al ‘Ubaid, Ubaid Period (6500-3800 BCE). 
  • E16220A: Mummy of Hapimen, Abydos, Late Period (381-343 BCE). Related blogposts
  • E2553A: Skeleton of a Man, Deshasheh, Old Kingdom (2500-2350 BCE)
  • E14260: Painted wooden boat model, Sedment, First Intermediate Period (2130-1980 BCE) tombmodel
  • 31-27-118 A-B: Painted wooden coffin, Meydum, New Kingdom (1539-1292 BCE)
  • L-55-16B: Painted wooden coffin lid, location unknown, late 21st/early 22nd Dynasty (1070-720 BCE). Related blogposts L-55-16B_bt04