The Foreign Relations of the "Hyksos"

The Foreign Relations of the “Hyksos”: A Neutron Activation Study of Middle Bronze Age Pottery from the Eastern Mediterranean

by P. E. McGovern,  with a contribution by Tine Bagh (Oxford: Archaeopress, 2000)

This NAA study of Syro-Palestinian pottery types found at Tell el-Dab‘a/Avaris is important from the perspective it provides on economic and social developments at what has been identified as the capital of the “Hyksos” in the north eastern Nile Delta during the period from the late Middle Kingdom through the Second Intermediate Period. As well as opening up a new sight-line on the pottery industry at Tell el-Dab‘a / Avaris, this study is also extremely important in refining hypotheses and conclusions based on pottery analyses, and, indeed, the author presents his case for a radical rethink in the light of these NAA findings. Illustrated throughout.