Interviews & Profiles

Fall 2018: World of Fine Wine: Homo Imbibens, The Work of Patrick McGovern, by Andrew Jefford

August 2017: Brewer and Distiller International: He found the oldest-known beer on the planet…The biomolecular archaeology of ancient alcoholic beverages, by Ian Hornsey

September 2016: SOMOS TODOS CERVEJEIROS: Indiana Jones das bebidas desvenda cervejas ancestrais, by Filipe Limas

September 2016: National Geographic: Were Humans Built to Drink Alcohol? and Why I Brew Ancient Beers

August 2016: Les Cahiers Science & Vie: L’aventurier des élixirs perdus, by Betty Mamane.

May 17, 2016: edible PHILLY: Reviving Ancient Ales, by Katherine Rapin.

April, 2016: Sciences et Avenir: L’Indiana Jones de la vigne et du vin, by Rachel Mulot.

May/June 2016: Pennsylvania Gazette: Beyond the Golden Touch, by Julia M. Klein.

June 9, 2015: Scientific American Espanol: Arqueólogos resucitan bebidas alcohólicas del pueblo azteca, by Gary Stix

Jan. 28, 2015: Cinematograph: The Third Eye: McGovern and The Indiana Jones of Ancient Ales, by Virginia Campione

Jan. 8, 2015: San Francisco Wine School Insider Interview with David Furer

Dec. 12, 2014: Spektrum der Wisenschaft: Met & Co. – Alkopops bei den Nordmännern, by Annine Fuchs

Nov., 2014: All About Beer (Vol. 35, Issue 5): Beer Innovators

Nov., 2014: Malibu Magazine (Vol. 12, Issue 6): 10 x 10 Interview

Oct. 3, 2014: Financial Times of London: A Thirst for Ancient Beer and Wine, by Emma Jacobs

May 17, 2014: Harvard Political Review: To Ferment and Foment, by Olivia Zhu

April 30, 2014: Munchies: The Man Who Brings Ancient Beers to Life, by Myles Karp

Jan./Feb. 2014: The Atlantic: The Archaeology of Beer, by Wayne Curtis

Feb.-March, 2013: Philly Beer Scene, Dr. Pat and Quest for the Bygone Beers, by Patrick Ridings

May, 2012: EOS-Science: Het bier van de farao [Dutch] and La bière du roi Midas [French], by Teake Zuidema

Dec. 2011-Jan., 2012: WineMaker, Wine Archaeologist, by Wes Hagen

Dec. 1-7, 2011: Courrier international, L’aventurier de l’ivresse perdue [French translation of Dig, Drink and Be Merry, by Abigail Tucker, below]

Sept. 6, 2011: Slate Magazine, Beer Archaeologist: Tasting World History, by Christine Ziemba

Aug. 15, 2011: Newsweek (Polish ed.), Ferment Historii, by Magdalena Frender-Majewska

July-August, 2011: Smithsonian, Dig, Drink and Be Merry, by Abigail Tucker

July 25, 2011: Palate Press, Fermentation, Civilization: How History and Human Thirst Go Hand in Hand, by Emily Towe

July 5, 2011: Irish Edition (Philadelphia), Barbara Nolan: “Midas Touch–Uncorking the Past”

April/May, 2011: Mid-Atlantic Brewing News: “The Beers That Time Forgot”

April 30, 2011:  Sommelier Journal, pp. 36-40, Interview by Laura Taxel

March, 2011: VINUM, Jäger des verlorenen Weins, p. 12

Jan.-Feb. 2011: Mental Floss, Golden Lobe Award for Nerdiest Beer, 10: 44

Jan./Feb., 2010: The Pennsylvania Gazette, cover story, 34-41, “Man, The Drinker,” by Trey Popp

Dec. 24, 2009, Der Spiegel, “Alcohol’s Neolithic Origins: Brewing Up a Civilization,” by Frank Thadeusz

Dec. 15, 2009 – MSNBC, Eight ancient drinks uncorked by science

July 23, 2009, NOWLebanon-“Talking To: Wine archaeologist Patrick McGovern,” by Michael Karam

2007, The World of Fine Wine, issue 18: 74-77: Before Dionysus [memorable wine], by Blake Edgar

Feb. 9, 2006, pp. 9-11: Daily Pennsylvanian, “Brewing the Past,” 34th St. feature, by S. Morse

Philadelphia Magazine, In Search of Ancient Spirits, by B. Wallace

Nov. 2005, vol. 26 (11): 54-59: Discover, “Stone Age Beer,” by Larry Gallagher

Feb. 2005: TIME Express Monthly (Taiwan), “Ch. Jiahu, with Hawthorn Accents”

Feb. 2004: TIME Asia, “The First Vintage”

2005: Populär Historia (Sweden), “Det första vinet,” by Charlotta Sjöstedt

2004: National Geographic News on-line, “First Wine?: Archaeologist Traces Drink to Stone Age,” by William Cocke.

Aug. 15, 2003: Chronicles of Higher Education 49:49: A16-A17, “Château Néolithique: Whence Wine?,” by Richard Monastersky

Nov. 7, 2003: Times Higher Education Supplement, no. 1614: 18-19: “Vintage Brews Get the Midas Touch,” as part of molecular science article

Nov. 24, 2003: Time 162(21): 60-61, “The First Vintage,” by Madeleine Nash

April 30, 2002, Wine Spectator, vol. 27(1): 133-35, “Modern Science, Ancient Wines,” by Lynn Alley

Nov. 27, 1999: New Scientist, vol. 164(2214): 54-57: “Grog of the Greeks,” by Stephanie Pain

July 31, 1996: Wine Spectator, “New Tests Find Evidence of Wine at Dawn of Civilization,” by Kim Marcus

February 21, 1983 – Chemical & Engineering News, “Special Report: Archaeological Chemistry” by Pamela Zurer