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Biomolecular archaeologist and Penn Museum researcher Patrick McGovern Gr’80 has found some of the oldest alcoholic beverages known to history, and he wants you to take a glug.  They might just be responsible for civilization as we know it. (Not to mention your next hangover.)

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Maybe they were better off in the Stone Age than we think. As early as 9,000 years ago, long before the wheel was invented, inhabitants of a Neolithic village in China were brewing a type of mead, or fermented honey and fruit, with an alcohol content of 10 percent, the archaeologist Patrick McGovern discovered recently.

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Ancient Ales and a Brewer’s Timeline

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Did our Neolithic ancestors turn to agriculture so that they could be sure of a tipple? US Archaeologist Patrick McGovern thinks so. The expert on identifying traces of alcohol in prehistoric sites reckons the thirst for a brew was enough of an incentive to start growing crops.

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Dec. 15, 2009 – MSNBC, Eight ancient drinks uncorked by science
Throughout human history, alcoholic beverages have treated pain, thwarted infections and unleashed a cascade of pleasure in the brain that lubricates the social fabric of life, according to Patrick McGovern, an archaeochemist at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.

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Penn scientists are using chemistry to learn the identity of herbs the ancient Egyptian mixed with wine to make sought-after medicines.

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Over the past two decades, Dr. McGovern has pioneered the exciting interdisciplinary field of Biomolecular Archaeology which is yielding whole new chapters concerning our human ancestry, medical practice, and of course what our ancient ancestors were eating and drinking.

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SAM CALAGIONE, the founder of Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales, has a taste for exotic brews. There is Midas Touch, created from sediment found on drinking vessels in the tomb of King Midas in Turkey, and Chateau Jiahu, inspired by trace ingredients from a 9,000-year-old dig in China.

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