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Open to all Penn students, CAAM courses are divided into three tiers: Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced levels.

Students in a CAAM lab examining objects under a microscope and viewing them on a computer.

For the most up to date information about class times, instructors, and locations, please refer to the class rosters and timetables.

Rosters and Timetables


ANTH 003Introduction to Human Evolution
ANTH 148, CLST 148, NELC 189Food and Fire: Archaeology in the Laboratory
CLST 127, ARTH 127, ANTH 127, HIST 127, NECL 187The Material Past in a Digital World


ANTH 221, CLST 244, ARTH 230, NELC 284Material World in Archaeological Science
ANTH 267, CLST 268, NELC 286Living World in Archaeological Science
ANTH 230, CRIM 230Forensic Anthropology
ANTH 297Bioarchaeology: Peoples of the Past
CLST 362, ANTH 362Introduction to Digital Archaeology


ANTH 415Archaeology of Animals
ANTH 435, ARTH 433, CLST 435, NELC 486Past Preserved: Conservation in Archaeology
ANTH 440, CLST 441Plants and Society
ANTH 404Introduction to the Human Skeleton
ANTH 419, NELC 419Mining in Archaeology
ANTH 407Human Evolution


Seniors may enroll with permission of the instructor.

CLST 512, AAMW 512, ANTH 514Petrography of Cultural Materials
ANTH 521, NELC 584Material World in Archaeological Science
ANTH 533, AAMW 539, CLST 543, NELC 585Archaeobotany Seminar
ANTH 552, AAMW 552, CLST 552, NELC 587Archaeometallurgy Seminar
ANTH 567, CLST 568, NELC 568Living World in Archaeological Science
CLST 562, AAMW 562Introduction to Digital Archaeology
ANTH 592Bioarchaeology: Peoples of the Past
ANTH 633, CRIM 633Forensic Anthropology
ANTH 572, AAMW 572, CLST 572Geophysical Prospection for Archaeology


Center for Analysis of Archaeological Materials (CAAM)