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Conceptualizing Community

Join us for the first annual PennCHC Meeting on Community Archaeology and Heritage! This year’s theme is Conceptualizing Community and features keynote speaker Dr. Stephen Silliman of the University of Massachusetts, Boston. Attendance is free, but please register here. The full conference program is available here: CHC Conference Program_Full

Community archaeology in practice: an interview with Tiffany Cain

By Carlos Price-Sanchez, International Education and Development, Penn Graduate School of Education This week, I sat down with Tiffany Cain, an anthropologist and PhD candidate at the University of Pennsylvania. She has just come back from her 6th season of archaeological study in Tihosuco, Quintana Roo, Mexico. There, her study is one of many sub-projects of […]

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Spring 2019 Lecture Series!

Call for Papers: 2019 PennCHC Annual Meeting on Community Archaeology and Heritage

What We Talk About When We Talk About “Community Archaeology”

By Carlos Price-Sanchez, International Education and Development, Penn Graduate School of Education Beginning this week, the Penn Cultural Heritage Center will embark on an online series discussing core topics in archaeology and anthropology. This series will explore the multitude of programs affiliated with the center, offering a glimpse into the lives and thoughts of those operating […]

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How to Define “Cultural Heritage”: An Intern’s Brief Reflection on a Summer Well-Spent

Olivia Grabowsky, Carnegie Mellon University I am a graduate student studying arts management, which is both a blessing and a curse. In a field offering such a wide array of courses of study and career options, it took me quite a while to decide that I wanted to focus on heritage preservation and policy (which […]

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Intern Reflection: The Cultural Heritage Site List

By Sunny Chen, Columbia University This summer I had the pleasure of interning at the Penn Cultural Heritage Center. I researched cultural heritage sites in Syria, Bosnia, Mali, and Georgia in efforts to create a dataset about cultural heritage.  By studying the history and politics of these countries, I learned to think critically about memorials, […]

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2018-19 Lecture Series: Memory at the Mine of Death with Douglas Smit, 9/27

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Towards an Ethics Charter for Near Eastern Archaeology and Assyriology

January 7th, 2017 Introduction The field of Near Eastern Studies and its various disciplines, from Archaeology to Assyriology, from prehistory to modern times, are now more than ever in need of a charter addressing general ethical principles that concern all scholars in this field, both as individuals and collectively. Such a charter must also respect […]

Now make a map, they said

By Andris Straumanis, George Mason University This post was originally published April 10, 2018 on the Conflict Culture Research Network blog. As our group of graduate interns from George Mason University continues to collect and verify data for the Smithsonian Cultural Rescue Initiative, we now have been given a new task: Think about how best to show […]