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Gods & Goddesses


bronze figurine of Bastet<< Bronze figurine of Bastet (29-70-695), from the Merenptah Palace at Memphis, Late Period (664-332 B.C.)

Peaceful and friendly, the goddess Bastet was often shown in the form of a domesticated cat or as a woman with a cat's head. Bastet was worshipped as a goddess of fertility and joy. Many statues of Bastet show her surrounded by kittens or holding a musical instrument called a sistrum. At the site of Bubastis, there are enormous cat cemeteries where worshippers of Bastet could present cat mummies as votive offerings in her temple. Bastet is also associated with the moon and in one myth, she was thought of as the moon's eye. Her fearsome counterpart is the powerful lion goddess, Sekhmet.


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