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Expeditions Past & Present


The University of Pennsylvania Museum (UPM) participated in work at the site of Dendereh, an important cemetery site spanning the Old through Middle Kingdoms (2625-1630 B.C.). Clarence Fisher excavated the site from 1915-1918, continuing the work begun by Charles Rosher and Flinders Petrie at the end of the nineteenth century. In addition to furnishing significant information on the history, culture and funerary practices of this critical transitional period in Egyptian civilization, these excavcations have provide the UPM with a wealth of important artifacts, including ceramics and other funerary offerings, inscribed stelae and a variety of architectural elements from the tombs.

Rosher's excavation drawing summarizing his work at Dendereh, late 19th century.

Funerary stela from Dendereh, commemorating Tjauty, a local official of the First Intermediate Period (2150-1980 B.C.), excavated by Flinders Petrie in 1898.


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