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dra abu el naga

Expeditions Past & Present


From 1921-1923, Clarence Fisher excavated at the site of Dra Abu el-Naga, an important non-royal cemetery near Deir el Bahri in western Thebes. Fisher's excavations included work in the tombs of New Kingdom officials and the mortuary complex of the 18th Dynasty king Amenhotep I and his wife Nefertari (1525-1504 B.C.) Beginning in 1967, Lanny Bell continued work at this site concentrating on the epigraphic recording and conservation of the decorated rock-cut tombs of Dynasty 19 (1292-1190 B.C.). The work at the site provided significant artifacts for the Museum including statuary, pottery funerary furnishings and painted reliefs.

Façade of the tomb of Bekenkhons
Façade of the tomb of Bekenkhons (entrance in center of photo), showing the mud-brick enclosure wall in front of the forecourt and the pyramid above, as well as other tomb complexes

Statuette of a squatting nobleman
Statuette of a squatting nobleman (29-87-479), carved from limestone, Dynasty 18, reign of Amenhotep III (1390-1353 B.C.)


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