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Gods & Goddesses


The ancient Egyptians thought of Geb as the god of the earth. Together with the Goddess Nut (Sky) and the God Shu (Air), Geb formed the Egyptian idea of the constitution of their world. Geb is depicted as a man lying on the ground while Nut is shown stretched out over him. In between them, the god Shu sits holding up Nut with his arms in the way that the air was thought to hold up the sky. As a pair, Geb and Nut were thought to have given birth to the sun. Geb was sometimes called the father of the gods. His authority was then given to Osiris. Osiris passed the throne to his son Horus, from whom it was handed down to the Egyptian king. Geb is sometimes shown wearing a goose on his head, but most often he wears the red crown of Lower Egypt.


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