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Expeditions Past & Present


The University of Pennsylvania Museum (UPM) has one of the largest collections of Nubian material in the United States, due in part to its excavations at sites in Lower Nubia such as Shablul, Areika, Karanog, Aniba and Buhen under the direction of David Randall MacIver and Leonard Wooley during the years 1907-1910. In addition, the UPM participated in salvage campaigns at the sites of Toshka and Arminna during the 1960's in an effort to excavate sites that would be flooded by the construction the Aswan High Dam. Materials in the Museum's collection span the time periods from prehistory through the Christian era.

The Coxe Expedition field house at Buhen, c. 1910
The Coxe Expedition field house at Buhen, c. 1910. Eckley B. Coxe is seated in the center; C. Leonard Woolley stands at the far right; and David Randall-MacIver stands third from the right.

Statuette of the gardener Merer (E10751) Egyptian fortress at Buhen, Middle Kingdom
Egyptian fortress at Buhen, Middle Kingdom.

<< Statuette of the gardener Merer (E10751), Dynasty 12-13 (1840-1640 B.C.). The UPM's Nubian expeditions, like those in Egypt, were sponsored by Eckley B. Coxe Jr. This statuette was Coxe's favorite object in the Egyptian and Nubian collections.


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