Volume 1 / Issue 2


Issue Cover

On the cover: "The Landing at Middlesburgh [Eua], one of the Friendly Isles [Tonga]" from James Cook, A Voyage Towards the South Pole, and Round the World...in the Years 1772, 1773, 1774, 1775. London. 1777.

An Iranian Drinking Vessel

By: Robert H. Dyson, Jr.

The mountains of western Iran are today the home of sheep-herding tribesmen as they have been since animals were first domesticated. It is not surprising, therefore, that both domestic sheep and their local wild relatives have provided motifs for Iranian art from early prehistoric times. In the pre-metal ages they were painted on pottery; in […]

Once and Again

By: David Crownover

“…During the past summer a large and beautifully lighted room was granted us. Necessary cases were built, and in September the collections were moved…It was thought…that a proper display of all the objects could be made and the museum thrown open to public inspection…” So reads the annual report of the curator of the present […]

The Vanishing Art of the Arctic

By: Froelich Rainey

But of the land on the other side of the bald men none can give any trustworthy account because it is shut off by a separating wall of lofty trackless mountains, which no man can cross. But these bald men say– which, however, I do not believe– that men with goat’s feet live on the […]


By: Alfred Kidder, II

Anthropologists, archaeologists, and their colleagues in such fields as linguistics, folklore, and ethnomusicology like to get together from time to time just as do wholesale grocers, insurance men, and professional people of every description. As interest in anthropology increases in the United States, the annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association grows bigger and bigger. […]

Museum News – Winter 1959

Drexel Medal Awarded to Dr. A.V. Kidder For the first time since 1903, the year of its first presentation, the Lucy Wharton Drexel Medal for outstanding contribution to archaeology was given by the Museum to a scholar engaged in American archaeology. Dr. A.V. Kidder, former Chairman of the Division of Historical Research of the Carnegie […]


image of Omai

By: Marianne L. Stoller

The second in a series of articles about the finding and naming of some of the islands in the Pacific- the Maori great Sea of Kiwa. No source I could find seemed willing to say just exactly how many islands there are in the South Pacific. There are thousands of them, to be sure, approximately […]

Happy New Year!

Happy new year written in different languages.

An old greeting used by many people through the centuries. Here are some of the ways it is written. How many can you identify. Answers are on page 36. A. Chinese: Respectful wishes for New Year’s happiness. B. Latin in Rome of the first century A.D.: Happy and prosperous New Year to you. C. Ancient […]