Volume 13 / Issue 2


Issue Cover

On the cover: A woven headdress mask with cowrie shell overlay.

Expedition Photographic Contest

Open to all staff, graduate students, and members of the University Museum. Archaeology, anthropology, and photogra­phy go hand in hand; photography is an indis­pensible tool for recording, for reporting our finds, for investigative research. It is also capable of being a high art, of giving a unique personal vision of an object, a person, a […]

Cerro Brujo

A Tiny Guaymi Hamlet of the Past

By: Olga Linares De Sapir

The provinces of Bocas del Toro and Chi­riqui in western Panama are the homeland today of 35,000 Guaymi Indians who occupy a terri­tory rich in archaeological remains. Unless we invent vanished tribes of yesterday and hypo­thetical migrations—neither of which seems war­ranted by our records—the archaeological sites were made by ancestors of the Guaymi. Ethnic continuity […]

Demons and Population Control

By: Erle Lichty

One of the major problems in the study of dead civilizations is the lack of native informants. Without such informants it is difficult to recover ethnological data and even more difficult to in­terpret the data which is recovered. If we wish to understand the dead society and do not wish to resort to spiritualism we […]

The Dance of Sigi

By: Margaret Plass

The old chief, seventy-five years old by the calendar of the Europeans, two Sigis and ten years by the calendar of his people, the Dogon, leaned against the sun-warmed rose-pink wall of his house in the village of Sanga, province of Bandie­gara, free Republic of Mali. Soon, in five months, would come the celebration of […]

An Ethiopian Holy Land

By: Ljubica D. Popovich

Elevated heavenward by the central moun­tain massif of Ethiopia, forever tied to the earth with the vein of rock out of which they were carved, and well hidden below the usual human horizon, lie the churches of Lalibela. These eleven structures are only a few among many found in the Lasta, Tigre, and Waag provinces, […]