Volume 14 / Issue 1


Issue Cover

On the cover: "An Ancient Natural Disaster"--Ilopango erupting.

A Doomed Aqueduct

By: Alfred Friendly

A unique and fascinating portion of one of the finest aqueducts of the Roman world will be lost in the next few years to the march of progress, doomed to disappear under the waters of a new dam in Southern Turkey. The portion that will be flooded, about six kilometers from the beginning of the […]

An Ancient Natural Disaster

By: Payson D. Sheets

Recent geological and archaeological investigations in Chalchuapa, El Salvador, together have provided the probable answer to a question which has long puzzled students of the history of the Maya. The question: Why are there throughout the Maya area numerous instances of the sudden appearance of a full-blown Maya Protoclassic civilization, whereas a more normal, progressive […]

The Phoenicians in Their Homeland

By: James B. Pritchard

The Phoenician expansion westward for three thousand miles across the Mediterranean and beyond to the shores of the Atlantic was a response to pressure. In the thirteenth and twelfth centuries B.C. the Canaanites of Palestine-Syria found themselves hard-pressed by the arrival of new and hostile peoples in what had long been their fertile homeland. Hebrews infiltrated […]

Is There a Culture of Poverty?

By: Thomas C. Greaves

What, if anything, culture has to do with poverty is one of the great issues of contem­porary cultural anthropology. This is so because urban poverty generates increasing conflict and moral outrage in our society, because it has been intractable to solution despite the investment of enormous effort and resources, and because a number of very […]

Ancient Egypt and Black Africa

Early Contacts

By: David O'Connor

In 1955 a west African scholar, Marcel Diop, argued vehemently that professional Egyptolo­gists had been concealing a startling fact for over half a century; Diop claimed that the ancient Egyptians were Negroes and their characteristic civilization was a Negro achievement. It is in fact a not uncommon belief that Egypt was part of Black Africa, […]